Everland Theme Park - Special Discount Coupon

This week it is the Chuseok Holiday. As a result you'll have a few days off and may be wondering 'what to do in Seoul/Korea at Chuseok?'

In Seoul and smaller towns many places will be closed as Koreans opt to spend the time at home with their families. Some attractions remain open though and it's a great time to visit them because they will most likely be quieter than usual. One such place is Everland. Currently they have a Halloween theme which is actually one of my favourite times to visit the park. Definitely beats the 'Rose Festival' theme!

Chica Vs Food - Songpyeon

See video

Taste testing songpyeon right after Chuseok

Korea's Hallmark Holidays

The argument that holidays such as Valentine's Day and Halloween are manufactured by greeting card companies and supermarket chains definitely holds plenty of water back in the Western World - but marketing savvy Korea has taken the issue to dizzying new heights. While holidays such as Chuseok and the Lunar New Year embody the proud traditions of Korea, other holidays such as White Day and Pepero Day seem to be little more than manufactured holidays.

But isn't that a part of Korea's quirky charm? In my mind these holidays are right up there alongside bizarre fuzzy hats shaped like bear's heads and atrocious matching couple outfits.

With White Day falling today (March 14th), I thought it'd be a good time to highlight a few of Korea's more unusual holidays.

Korea’s 7 “Can’t Miss” Festivals

Photos and story by Ed Provencher

Skip it or day-trip it? Korea’s festivals are numerous, but how do you know which ones are worth going to? Travel blogger Ed Provencher makes it easy for us.


It's Korean Thanksgiving time (called Chuseok) and I've got three whole days off!

On Monday all my kids came dressed in hanboks and we held some traditional activities.

This is why I love Jessica.

Pretty much sums up David everyday...

Spitfire Lucy.

Seoul Teaser, Eloquence Intro


Norebang with Leah and Peter, somewhere around 6 a.m...

Life in Korea: Chuseok

Just some of the gift sets available for the masses.

Happy Thanksgiving, Part 1

Originally uploaded by Shanghai Sky

Wednesday is Thanksgiving Day (Chuseok/Hangawi) in South Korea. And, yes, this is a photo of a pig’s head in Taiwan. But, it just seems fitting and funny to wish you all the luck this hog missed.

chuseok party!

i know it’s about time to stop posting only pictures of the kids in my class, and i promise this will be the last one for a while (i’m going to jeju island tomorrow!) but omigod, it was chuseok party today!

all my kids dressed up in traditional korean hanbok and bowed to the teachers.

Korean Sociological Image #31: Gender Roles & Korean Holidays

( Source: RaySoda )

With apologies to teachers of Korean children everywhere, tired of their proclivity for repeating the nonsensical foreign words found in Korean advertisements, there is actually much to be admired in KT’s recent olleh (올레) campaign.

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