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Cherry Blossoms

Jinhae didn’t work out but the following week for cherry...

Jinhae didn’t work out but the following week for cherry blossoms worked out! : ) 

The Best Place for Cherry Blossoms in Korea

Cherry blossom viewing is a big deal every year in Korea. Rightfully so, considering the country is full of cherry blossom lined streets, and they are all amazingly beautiful. Every year droves of people visit famous places like Yeouido in Seoul, Jinhae, and Gyeongju to catch a glimpse at just the right time. People battle crowds, inclement weather, and time at the cherry blossom festivals. While it can still be a great time, they haven’t been my favorite Spring experiences.

Vlog Entry #14: One Blawesome Weekend

It’s cherry blossom season here in South Korea, which means roads throughout the country are lined with beautiful flowering trees! The conditions are perfect for a Saturday morning bike ride, and the small naval port town of Jinhae welcomes thousands who flock its streets to take in the views at the annual Cherry Blossom Festival! Enjoy!

Soft as Spring

10 Things In Korea That I’ll Never, Ever Do

by Mr. Motgol

I wrote this  piece a few years back, and while a few things have changed since then, most have not. As it is currently boshingtang eating season, not to mention Mudfest time, I thought that a re-post may be apropos. I’ve made a few small revisions. Enjoy. And don’t take it too seriously.

I like living in Korea. I’ve been here for almost ten years now, so if I hated it, I would have split a long time ago. I like hiking, I like the food, I like riding my motorcycle, checking out the street markets, and drinking my ass off. It’s a crowded crazy little place and I’ve grown to love it, for better or for worse. Plus, the girls are bangin’ hot. I should know: I married one.

Bomun Lake

Bomun Blossom-6

One of the best places to see cherry blossoms in the area is the Bomun Lake area in Gyeongju, South Korea. However, it is also the busiest and most crowded outside of the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival. At any rate, I thought that if I went out while the festival was on, it would take the pressure off of Bomun. I was wrong.



Spring has moved beyond it’s intial flex and is now well into the process of ejecting life from within the winter locked bowels of the plants and people longing for the seasons much anticipated warmth.

Watching Cherry Blossoms at Seokchon Lake

Cherry Blossom Season

Cherry Blossoms

Sadly, this weekend’s rainfall brought cherry blossom season to a pretty definitive halt here in Busan.  Luckily, Ric and I got the chance to spend some time outside reveling in their awesomeness before all the gorgeousness was gone.

Exploring Busan Part 1: Cherry Blossom Hike!

This weekend I decided to explore my new city. My friend told me about a path that bridged Haundae beach (super close to me) and Songjeong Beach and went straight through where I’m living, Jangsan. She also assured me that it’s ripe with cherry blossoms at the moment. Needing no further convincing, we set out straight away!

The cherry blossom trail begins!

The cherry blossom trail begins!

Spring Blossoms at Tongdosa


It is that time of the year again. Blossom time! While it is still a bit early you can still head out and get the jump on some prime locations. There are a few things that I will run over through this quick tour of my most recent trip to Tongdosa.


Yeongtong in the Spring

Well, it’s finally warming up enough for the magnolia trees and cherry blossoms to bloom.

After the long, brown, and colourless winter, the spring is always such a wonderful season (even with the yellow dust). The colours are so welcoming, and on a nice warm day like today it’s hard for me not to go for a wander around my neighbourhood and take a few pictures and share them with you.

Of course, the cherry blossoms, which are everywhere, always seem to really wait for the last minute to emerge. They almost tease you with one or two trees here and there coming out early, while the rest wait just until the right moment. I’m quite excited  about next week when all of the trees will be in their full spring splendour (yes, I know they’re bloody flowers on trees).

You can get an idea of what to expect from my post last year.

Boke-Gote, Sakura, Cherry Blossoms

One of my acquaintances told me a while back that he had gone all the way to Jinae, a rather out-of-the-way place, to take part in that city’s Cherry Blossom Festival. I had heard about this festival several times and wondered if, unlike most of the savagely mediocre events in Korea, it was worth attending. “No!“, he replied, the cherry blossoms in Jinae were just as interesting as anywhere else.

Where to Shoot! Weekend Edition

For this first post for what I hope to be a great series, I am going to give you a sort of mission and a place (if you are close by) to try and shoot. If you get something good, I will post if on next weeks edition. At any rate, the blossoms have sprung down here in Ulsan I am off to try and get some great shots. It is such an amazing time, but I think that these precious little flowers have been over shot in the typical sense. So your mission for this weekend is to check out the blossoms and find a new creative angle to shoot.

Vogue Girl Korea – Sweet Blossom

This is an old shoot from 2010 Vogue Girl Korea, which like Vogue Korea is known for its beautiful editorial photography unique to the Korean issues.  I prefer Vogue Girl Korea sometimes because it can be a little more playful VS normal Vogue Korea, and this is a good example!  A very dreamy and girly shoot in a calm field…. with cotton candy and amazing puffy wigs!!

Anyone tempted to re-create one of these outfits? I am *_*

Week #5- Spring Sprung

#5- Spring Sprung\

cherry blossoms, apartment towers
bundang, gyeonggi-do, south korea

“i can’t smell a thing can’t see their pink
but they’ll find branches next spring”

May Day

Happy Spring!

Cherry Blossoms at Shattuck Hall, Keimyung University

Cherry Blossoms at Shattuck Hall, Keimyung University

Cherry blossom trees near Shattuck Hall, Keimyung University campus, Daegu, April 2010. For more:

Cherry Blossoms at Sunset, Keimyung University, Daegu

Cherry Blossoms at Sunset, Keimyung University, Daegu

A view of cherry blossom trees at sunset, Keimyung University campus, Daegu. For more:

Downhill View of Cherry Blossoms, Yeong-Do, Busan

Downhill View of Cherry Blossoms, Yeong-Do, Busan

Downhill street view of cherry blossoms, Yeong-Do, Busan, April 2010. For more:

Destination: Cherry blossoms

Hold that thought - the annual festival near the National Assembly building in Yeouido seems to have been postponed. Nonetheless, the cherry blossoms are out in Yeouido, albeit not quite a full bloom. I've also taken a few pictures around Seoul for your enjoyment.

Science Park and a Wedding

After an initial flurry of motivation for lab work, I've since found the inevitable slow-down that occurs approximately 3 months after you start. The main ideas of science are always exciting to me, however the daily routine of mindless protocols is sure to wither away even the most ardent enthusiast. But I was expecting this to happen anyway. One thing I've learned in life thus far is that in order to get where you want, you often have to do a lot of things that you'd rather not do.

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