Finishing Up at CEV

CEV is an English Village, where students come to be taught in an immersion program. There are 8 teachers, from various countries and we teach different students every week as part of the ‘camp’. It is an English only environment where the students visit a variety of simulation rooms such as Post Office, Bank, Hospital, Shop, Airport, Hotel and Restaurant as well as practice conservation in English. There are also other fun rooms such as Science, Art, Language Laboratory and Movie Theatre. We teach primarily students from the age of 9-15 years old. On occasion we teach Kindergarten and twice a year we have a hagwon style class in the evenings where the same students return everyday.

More Summer Swimming

A waterfall and plunge pool in Jeri-on, Changnyeong is our new go to place to cool off. It is a short bike ride away and it is very pretty. Another place we will miss when we leave Koreae! :(

Okcheon Streams

A few weeks ago David and I spent a Sunday bbq-ing in Okcheon, which is just ten minutes drive from our apartment in Gyeseong. After we finished eating we headed to the streams and spent the rest of the afternoon cooling off. It was a very nice and refreshing way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

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Upo Wetland’s Trail

The weekend of 15th June David and I went to Upo Wetlands.

  • Upo Wetlands is located 10 km from Gyeseong. It is an environmentally important wetland. This is a great place to visit in all seasons. It is always bustling with wildlife. There are many good walking routes to explore, short and long. There are also bicycles (tandem and regular)  to rent throughout the year for a reasonable price.

Changnyeong Map

Changnyeong to Bugok Hiking Trail

Changnyeong to Bugok

Hmmm do we really want to do this?!

Changnyeong to Bugok (4)

Cute dog hanging out on the top of Hahwang San!


In and around Changnyeong

Changnyeong -Where I live!



Open Market

Restaurants in my tiny town

Here is a list of my favourite places to eat in my local area. Although Changnyeong is small they are not short of eateries. I enjoy eating and it’s great when I find new places to try!

Restaurants in Gyeseong on Gyeong-Ri (street)


Fast Food Fix

Where we live there are not too many well known fast food outlets. When we need a fix and don’t fancy heading into a city, we hit up these establishments…

  • Chicago Pizza is located in down town Changnyeong. It sells delicious pizzas although the hawaiian pizza did come with cherries instead of pineapple!

Chicago PizzaCherry Pizza

Hwang Mountain

Hwang Mountain is located in Changnyeong. It  is a beautiful mountain situation in a country park. There are numerous routes to hike up it. I like hiking the Okcheon route as there is a pretty temple and a beautiful seated Buddha.

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