CENSORED! (but here it is)

(The following is a piece that was recently killed by a publication that I am known to submit to from time to time. They deemed it too offensive, which it very well may be, so God bless 'em and good luck. I have since given them a more palitable piece for them to run, which they, in turn, have gratefully accepted. But I am still left with this original ranty essay, one which I've sweated and toiled over like a Honduran day laborer, so... why not just throw it up on this old blog?)

Sorry, someone is sitting there!

A few weeks ago I went to the cinema in Jangsan, Haeundae. Practically everything I enjoy about the cinema was there. Movie posters, old and new, selling their films to a world ready to be taken out of the everyday world for a gifted moment or two. There was the almost tangible feeling of the alluring anticipation of seeing a film on the big screen. Then sitting in your seat just in time to catch the trailers of future films, designed to do nothing more than entice you back to the cinema. Finally, being lost (hopefully) in a world that the director is trying to portray. All parts of the cinema magic were to be found in that typical Korean cinema.

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