Korean Beauty Standards: Another Pressure Point


Working in a middle school full of adolescent girls is like being transported back in time to a teenage world of worries, insecurities, and an ever-present wish to change pretty much everything about yourself- hair, skin, body- in fact, if you look for it, you can pretty much find fault with anything, and that’s exactly what teenagers do.

Beauty: The Eternal Question

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Out of My League



Korean Word of the Day : 엄친딸

엄친딸 (eom-chin-ddal) is short of 엄마 친구 딸, that is mom's friend's daughter. The masculin variant is 엄친아 which is short for 엄마 친구 아들 or mom's friend's son. By definition, the 엄친딸 or 엄친아 does everything better than you. She/he is the one your Korean mother would compare you too to make you realize that some people in the world are doing better than you are in every aspects. Those people aren't that rare because your mother just happens to have a friend whose daughter/son is actually doing much better than you are.

Some characteristics of the 엄친딸:
- She is pretty. Prettier than you.
- She is not picky about food, eats decently well but is always thin
- She's good at studying AND at sports
- She's friendly to her in-laws
- She's a filial daughter who never disobeys her parents
- She found a job right after graduating from university
- She goes to Seoul National University or Harvard

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