cat cafe

Cat Cafe

Another big tick next to the things I want to do before leaving Korea. Visiting the cat cafe in Seoul :)

Cat cafes are very popular in Japan but are a rage here in Korea! Taking care of pets like you would do your own child is very common here. I see people carrying dogs in dog carriers like you would carry a baby- protective and concerned, dogs in prams being pushed by their devoted human and the best of all, all the outfits that are available for the pets for all seasons- including hats, socks, sweaters... oh! so cute~ There are also pet hotels where the pets are housed with utmost care while their humans are away, salons where pets are given makeovers and pampered beyond compare. Cat cafe is just an extension for those people who desperately want to own a pet, cuddle with them, pet them and love them but do not do so for whatever reason. Just like me...

The Window to the Soul

Cat Cafe ♥ Cat’s Attic in Hongdae

The other day we had our lovely friend Jessica visiting Seoul from LA on business for the weekend ♥  Thankfully she had a bit of free time and really wanted to check out a Korean Cat Cafe, so we were happy to take her to one ^^  actually, Nara and I had not stopped by a Cat Cafe since we bought our kitty “Milk”, so we were way past due for a visit.


My dreams have finally came true. I have been wanting to check out a so called "Cat Cafe" since I learned such a place existed but didn't know where to begin the search. Thankfully a friend who is also cat crazy (or wait, I may be the only crazy one) showed me the ropes at the kitty cat heaven in Gangnam (near American Apparel out exit 6, there is usually a guy dressed in a cat costume at the exit, he knows where to go.) I can honestly say it was everything I had hoped and wished for, plus more. Hot chocolate and a zillion cats napping, and frolicking about, well mostly napping. Until the rightly named "Cat-father" brought out the chicken that is. That is when the real action began. They were everywhere, over your head, under your feet, on the table, all the prepositions in the book! It was madness I tell you, and I loved every minute of it.

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