Translation: Queer Toon 14: I hate myself for being like this

Here is a new Queer Toon by Angel Crazy that I actually can post because it isn't too raunchy...

Cosplay and Cartoons at Seoul Comic World

There's no doubt that cartoons are loved all around the world.  Comic books and animated television shows conjure up images of childhood, Saturday mornings, and spent allowances.  Yet, there are few places where cartoon culture is as prevalent as Eastern Asia.  In Korea, comics are taken to a whole new extreme.

Saturday morning cartoons*

Instead of watching saturday morning cartoons, we are entertaining ourselves with some great commercials

Cracks us up every time

Notice the “illegal money” they are actually saying ill ill gu which is 119.. we laugh every time here watch this one on tv.

You too have have beautiful skin like this man

[Seventeen] Read on

Happy new year everyone! :)

I don't know about you, but December and the beginning of January is a time of the year that I really hold dear to my heart because this is when I can catch up with family and friends and reflect on what I want to do in the new year. 

One of the ways I have been preparing for the new year was by reading during the winter holidays. My favourite books are ones that leave me feeling inspired and motivated to pursue my goals and dreams. And to leave you inspired, today, I am going to share two of my favourite online sources on Korean books and cartoons.

Modeling in Korea

One big cultural difference between Korea and America is the way the "commercial" models pose. In America, the cheaper the clothes, the cheesier the expression. In Korea, it goes the other way...the cheaper the clothes, the more bored the models appear. This boredom also applies to Korean celebrities endorsing food items, grocery stores, and patriotic ideals.

I suggest clicking on the pictures to get the full effect.

The Subway

*Disclaimer-the Korean has been translated for your convenience*
Also, "waegookin" is the Korean word for "foreigner".

Train: 5 minutes until arrival.

Train: 1 minute until arrival.

Meet the Foreigners

This is Mr. and Mrs. Foreigner. They are very much in love. They live in Korea, and sometimes they encounter things that are too funny not to be shared.
Mr. Foreigner bought Mrs. Foreigner a pen tablet for Christmas.

Let the awesome begin. (But remember that these things take some time).

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