Say What?! Episode 5: School Starts in March?

This episode of Say What?! Wednesday is about the school calendar in Korea. I’ve already posted the school calendar with all of the “red days” throughout the year, but in this video I discuss the big picture of the school year. It’s very different from the American school calendar, so it’s good to be aware of what time of year you will start working so you can plan accordingly. I’ve heard of quite a few teachers assuming that THEIR first day of classes is also the STUDENTS first day of classes, meaning they planned a lesson assuming the students didn’t know each other. But they may have already had an entire semester together! So keep all of this in mind to avoid having an awkward first class! It’s okay and encouraged to do a short introduction of yourself though. :)

Yes, this is absolutely necessary to have on my calendar.

Yes, this is absolutely necessary to have on my calendar.

January 2010 events

Happy new year! It would make sense that 2010's first post would be an events post. Without further ado, here goes the best, brightest, or just most interesting things to check out this month. For more about the national holidays of 2010, check out korea4expats excellent page on holidays to look forward. Hat tip to 10 Magazine who provided information about some of the events.

October 2009 calendar of events

For better or worse, quite a few festivals have been canceled due to swine flu fears or financial considerations. This makes it hard to keep up with which events are still on and which ones have been canceled - therefore, double-check to ensure things are still on before making the trip.

Compiling a list of events is necessarily a community-oriented endeavor, thus I attempt to give credit where credit is due. Special thanks go to 10 Magazine and for their work in compiling more events than have been listed below.

September events calendar

Credit and hat tips go to Korea4expats and 10 Magazine for compiling the excellent events you're about to see.

There will be plenty to see and do in the month of September - and no excuses about the weather being as hot as it was! All events are in Seoul unless otherwise mentioned.

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