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“If you do a live radio show in the morning, nothing worse can happen to you all day.”

Open Miked in Busan

I’ve been very busy recently. It’s the kind of busyness where you’re basically on the move and working from the moment you awake after five to six hours of sleep to the moment you go to bed, seven days a week, and I’ve pretty much been like this since November. It seems like a superhuman effort for a foreigner, but it’s just normal life for many Koreans. Is it a sign my attitude is becoming Korean? And if I don’t care, is the answer yes?

e-FM Week 36: Love Hotels, Sex and Adultery (Banned)

The english waves come inAbout 'Open Mike in Busan'


It took 36 weeks, but I finally had a script refused for broadcast. When I started doing my weekly segment with Busan e-FM, it was with the agreement that I could be honest about my experiences in Korea, but the question is, does Korea want to be honest about itself?

DJ Chad Kirton

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Chad Kirton is an English professor at Dong Eui University, a radio DJ and part-time hip hop rap artist in Busan, Korea. Chad is a lively character, and has been living in Korea for more than 7 years. Chad derives part of his success in broadcasting from the fact that he speaks Korean on his radio show as well as English, attempting to bridge a gap between Eastern and Western cultures.

Open Mike: Brands, Counterfeiting and Piracy

The english waves come inAbout 'Open Mike in Busan'


A week earlier while I was waiting to go on air at the station, a situation was posed which led me to say “But that would be unethical”. I needed to repeat that last word a number of times. We quickly established that the English word ‘ethical’ may sound hilarious to Koreans. I wasn’t entirely convinced that this was merely a phonetic issue, which resolved me to pick a topic related to ethics for this week’s show.

Busan e-FM Week 33: Humour/Humor, Satire and Ire

Busan e-FM Week 32: Hell is Other Expats

The english waves come inAbout 'Open Mike in Busan'


A lot of this was rather tongue-in-cheek, but it does explain my reticence to engage with the expat community during my time in Korea, both in person and increasingly on the Internet.

Busan e-FM Week 31: The New Address System

The english waves come inAbout 'Open Mike in Busan'


The address system in Korea is changing. What does it mean?

Addresses in England... versus Korea

Busan e-FM Week 30: Family Month

The english waves come inAbout 'Open Mike in Busan'


I prepare notes for my radio segment; I always felt that to be my best on the show I had to construct a narrative. Like most of the things I write, it’s more time consuming than the result appears to suggest or justify; I tend to debate each word and nuance in my head. Sometimes it turns violent. This week was a new low; the preparation time for my ten minutes on air was nine hours.

Busan e-FM Week 29: Smaller Fish

The english waves come inAbout 'Open Mike in Busan'


The new season at Busan e-FM has seen some changes, and one of them is a new segment which precedes mine called "Bigger Fish". The title derives from its coverage of literature and by extension philosophical issues which are the bigger questions we often rarely stop to consider in the prisons of trivia we build for ourselves in our daily lives. The content is thought provoking and I'm glad that the station is pushing the envelope as far as its material is concerned.

Busan e-FM Week 28: National Identity

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