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Yours Truly to Appear on Busan e-FM for Weekly Segment of Cine Concerto

Busan e-FM Week 6: Busan Festivals, Events and Places

About 'Open Mike in Busan'


By the time I reached my sixth week at Busan e-FM, they’d moved from the centrally-based Yeonsan-dong KNN building to Centum City in Haeundae, in the increasingly fashionable Eastern fringe of the city, where KNN are building their monstrous new headquarters.


As everyone knows, there’s certainly always a lot happening in Busan, so for my sixth week on Inside Out Busan at Busan e-FM, I thought I’d talk about some of my experiences visiting festivals, and going out to various events and places here in the city.

Busan Fireworks Festival

Busan e-FM Week 5: Learning Korean

About 'Open Mike in Busan'


There’s a bit of a background story to this. I was originally scheduled to talk about Festivals in Busan, but then the North Koreans attacked Yeonpyeong Island the day before the show, and suddenly I had to find something more depressing to talk about. So I chose learning Korean.


For my fifth week on Busan e-FM’s “Inside Out Busan” show, I thought I'd talk about something that perhaps is my biggest problem in Korea – and that’s the Korean language.


Busan e-FM Week 4: Social Responsibilities

About 'Open Mike in Busan'


In the previous week at Busan e-FM, I talked about a few experiences I’d had living with my Korean parents-in-law. This week, I thought I’d expand on that, and talk about some of my experiences with families, and family responsibilities.

There can be a lot of social responsibilities in Korea

Busan e-FM Week 3: Living with Korean Parents

About 'Open Mike in Busan'


In the four years since I first met my future Korean parents-in-law, there have been plenty of ups and downs in our relationship. A lot of this is down to me and the cultural difference – I’m sure Koreans just see these things as normal, and of course, they don’t have the language barrier to struggle with. Well, hopefully not anyway.

The first negative experience

Busan e-FM Week 2: Mosquitoes

About 'Open Mike in Busan'


When I was asked to produce a list of weekly topics for my segments on Busan e-FM, I was extremely nervous about where the line could be drawn in terms of talking about life in Korea. So I eased myself into things with an uncontroversial topic I felt we could all identify with. And that topic was mosquitoes. Like all the entries that will follow, what is written below is not an exact transcript of the show, but rather a close approximation of it based on my script and script notes, as an article without the interview-format interjections and verbal errors.


Busan e-FM: Open Mike in Busan

When I agreed to do a weekly segment on Busan e-FM's show Inside Out Busan, which came to be known as "Open Mike in Busan", it was due to a confluence of reasons, but even though I was invited onto the station because of this blog, none of my reasons for agreeing to appear on the radio were connected with it.

I could have promoted this blog as part of the show, and I expect that many other bloggers would have seized that opportunity, but as every company that has ever tried to employ me will testify, I am not most other people. I write because I can, I write for myself, and that other people have come to follow my blog has been the source of endless soul searching for me, because while I like to write, my motivation does not require a readership, and frankly sometimes ebbs because of it.

Radio Show and Live Webcast This Sunday

( Source: A. Germain )

Yes, I’ll be talking about Korean gender issues on Busan e-FM’s “Let’s Talk Busan” show on Sunday evening again, this time with new host and also Koreabridge owner and manager Jeff Lebow.

Busan e-FM Interview Tomorrow

I will appear on Sean O’Malley’s “See the World” program on Busan e-FM 90.5 at 10:05 am, Monday October 19. Tune in to hear me sum up my experience at PIFF (and the suave sound of my voice).

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