Busan Beaches

Weekend Warriors iii: Typhoon Nangka

I'd like to preface this post with the fact that we have been VERY lucky in Busan.  We have had some rain and high winds but even that has not deterred us from heading to the beach and swimming in the rain.

Gwangalli Beach

Gwangalli beach in daytime, Busan
Gwangalli beach is Busan’s second-most popular beach (second to Haeundae). It has a distinctively more ‘city beach’ feel to it than its more-popular counterpart does. It’s a solid ’7′ by day, but a ’10′ by night, where you can gaze at the iconic Diamond bridge, buy some fireworks, and drink to your heart’s desire.

If you go during the day, Beach umbrellas are 5,000 won. Sit at one and an attendant will come to collect. Tubes for the water are 7,000-10,000 to rent, but you should get some deposit money back at the end.
Gwangalli, by night, Busan

Songjeong Beach

Songjeong Beach, Busan

Songjeong Beach, although it’s not very well known, is probably the best of the Busan beaches. You go to Haeundae for the crowds, you go to Gwangalli at night, but if you want a classic Beach Day, then you go to Songjeong Beach.

There’s a nice hike from Jangsan to Songjeong beach, or you can get there from a taxi from Jangsan station. 

Busan's Other Beach - Gwangalli

For reasons that have never quite made sense to me, Busan is perhaps best known for the often crowded Haeundae Beach. Maybe being from a country where amazing beaches are a dime a dozen makes me something of a shore-front snob, but I've never really been that enamored of the unremarkable stretch of surf deprived beach surrounded by smoky Korean night clubs and more sleazy love motels than you can shake a stick at.


Swimming with Shirts: Songjeong Revealed

With the Boryeong Mud Fest quickly approaching, I’m on the hunt for a bathing suit here in Busan.  I’ve spotted a couple shops that sell them in the Seomyeon underground mall, though a recent jaunt to Songjeong Beach revealed that the Korean girls don’t usually, well, reveal much.



Neither do the guys!  (Except for that one exhibitionist on the left.) 

This group did, however, spend the bulk of their beach time sneaking up on each other in boisterous raids, grabbing wrists and ankles, and tossing the fully-clothed target into the sea. One of the most entertaining people-watching sessions I’ve experienced here so far.


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