Burgers at Battery Park

Seoul, South Korea — It has been a while since my last restaurant review. So here goes another one. After a tiring morning exercise at Bears Town Ski Resort, Danny and I headed to Dongdaemun to meet up with his aunt. We strolled around Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) for the nth time hoping to find… Continue reading Burgers at Battery Park

Koreanized Fast Food Menus in McDonald’s, Lotteria, Burger King & KFC

Korean fast food store

Sometimes, when travelling in budget, you’ll probably have a moment when you miss the time of having a proper meal. Moreover, some restaurants have a break time, not receiving any orders. Then what would you do? I’d say “Fast food.” Even though fast food is infamous for being unhealthy, many fast food restaurants are alluring you with delicious and simple menus.

Do you know that there are some fast food menus suited for the taste of Koreans and sometimes only available in Korea as well? There are some localized or so-called “Koreanized” Fast Food menus in Korea that are rare in other countries. We will introduce the menus of 4 major burger fast food restaurants – McDonald’s, Lotteria, Burger King, KFC.

Same Chains, Different Countries = Unexpected Menu

Siqbal,Wikimedia Commons
Siqbal,Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes, even if you love Korean food, you just crave something from home- a burger and chips, a glazed doughnut, or a big cheesy pizza. Luckily, there is an ever-increasing number of Western chains across Korea, offering food for just these occasions. However, that’s not to say the menus are exactly the same..

Food Swaps- Small Changes To Make A Big Difference

I am a total foodie- I love cooking, going out for meals and trying new things. I also care about being healthy and putting good, clean, fresh food into my body. But despite trying to be healthy the majority of the time, I also hate to deprive myself of things which I love. For this reason, I try to make small changes to make so called ‘naughty’ foods that much healthier.

Here are some of my favourite food alterations which make a big difference, so that  you can enjoy delicious foods completely guilt-free!

Valance Burger- PNU



Burger Hunter

**Sorry Kyungsung location is closed (as of Dec 2011)-is there another??

The Bulgogi Burger

I always felt like the marinade for Bulgogi would be great used in a burger along with other Korean ingredients. And so a couple days ago, I actually set out to try this recipe. It was a first attempt but I must say it was pretty good :-)

What you'll need (for 3 persons):

Best Hambuger in Busan!!! Thomas Grill Daeyeon dong

Ok it goes like this.... I have been in Korea for more than 10 years and have NEVER HAD A BURGER LIKE THIS... It taste just like it does when you grill them back home... The size is nice and the flavor is awesome..

They have about 7 different burgers and also wedge fries.. Draft beer too.

Directions... Looking at the front door of Outback Steak house in Daeyeon-dong  go right and you will see the GS Gas station next door... Go directly down the small street and it's about a 10 second walk on the right...

THOMAS GRILL is the name... Well worth the 6500 for the double.

30 second walk from OUTBACK...


Street Burger: Luang Prabang

You just can't beat a good burger. There's something elemental about the combination of meat, bread and sauce that, when done properly, leaves most other meals eating dust. I know it, the Americans know it, and apparently at least one Luang Prabang street vendor knows it now too.

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