Taking a Lunch Buffet Cruise in Han river.

WE86862559_w920 Did you watch the drama, “My Love from the Star”? In the drama, main characters took a cruise in Han river. Like the stars in the drama, how about taking a cruise in Han river with a luxury lunch buffet? We’ll show you around how to book, go and enjoy your moment at the romantic cruise of Hangang river. :)

1. Book for the cruise on Trazy!


2015 New Year Party @Muldwinda!!

 Happy New Year Mamas & Papas!

Seoul Wandering

콩 밭 ㅔ (Kong Bat Eh) Korean Buffet, Nampo

By Emma O’Flynn

2013-06-16 13.38.37

When it comes to dining out in Nampo, budget vegetarian options are pretty limited. So this little place was a great find, even though it’s not strictly vegetarian. Located in the basement, with a very unassuming entrance, Korean Banchan (side-dish) Heaven awaits. One does not go to this place for the Kimchi Jigae, or the Dwen Jang Jigae (although they are pretty good!). The major selling point for this restaurant is the buffet of sides that you can help yourself to, as much as you heart (and stomach) desires.

Dinner at Lotte Hotel World’s La Seine Buffet



Dino Meat


by Genevieve Soonike

Feeling the Love: A Tale of Two (Korean) Weddings

We were lucky this past spring to have been invited to not one, but two of our co-workers' weddings. Since Shane and I are currently in the midst of planning our own wedding, we thought it neat to be able to see some examples of Korean weddings. Not surprisingly, the weddings we went to were unlike any we've ever been to. We had a lot of fun visiting with everyone and playing our own version of cultural spot the differences. Here's what we saw:

Party Down at The Party Premium

Meticulously prepared, brilliantly colored, course after luscious course, The Party Premium delivers.

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