Korea vs. Thailand

Recently did a guest interview with Jason from Life After Cubes (a great blog by two Americans currently in South Korea, check it out!) about the differences between teaching English in South Korea (where I taught last year) and Thailand, where I am currently teaching. (Well kind of, the floods gave me two months of paid "vacation" right after I was hired but I finally get back to school on the 26th of this month, who ever thought you could tire of doing nothing? I am SOOO ready to get back to work!)

Check out the interview that Jason did (and kindly edited, my writing has really been hurting with all this time off!) and decide whether teaching in Seoul or Bangkok is for you!



This week started off interesting. As I woke up in the morning, I began to start a new entry when for some reason I couldn’t access my admin page. I didn’t really have time to do anything about it because I was running late and just ran off to work. Later, I found my blog showing a different page and Dylan Goldby also sent me a message informing of this strange looking page.

By the time that I got Dylan’s message I was in full research-mode trying to figure out how they got in. Was I using a randomly chosen password check! Was I using the latest version of wordpress check! Was everything else up to date check! So now what? First of all, I had to get access to my admin page and change the password.

12 Rules for Expat Life in Korea Contd.

Today has seen the Korean blogosphere dancing in the delights of this recent article of sorts on CNNgo.

Shocking stuff altogether.

Fortunately a few bloggers have jumped to protect Korea because Korea is such a wonderful perfect place that has never done anything wrong and shouldn’t be criticised for the realities its society presents. Grrrr. What I couldn’t get over was the general belief that this post was taken so seriously and the defence of Korea was so patriotic. So in defence of decency I will try to add my own flavour and sense of balance to this debate.

But first take a moment to read what has already been said:

Roboseyo: CNNgo Trolls Bloggers; 12 ACTUALLY useful tips for Expat life.

Re: 12 rules for expat life in Korea | Chris in South Korea – Travel and life in Korea.

12 Rules for Expats in Korea | David S. Wills.

Of course, no one here is right or wrong. It’s just … well… so what? As David S. Wills makes the point, anyone who reads the CNNgo post will – hopefully – realise that this is a little bit of jolly finger-pointing…at least I think that’s the point he made (I only had a few minutes to read so I read quickly, as in quicker than ‘scan’ reading).

Anyway, the balancing act courtesy of me. Drum rolls please!!!!

1. Learn to Drink Like a Fish – Yes, do! You’ll have a great time. Forget about how much Koreans drink – I don’t think most of these other bloggers have ever seen how much English teachers in Korea drink! And, on that point, I am assuming that the people who move to Korea are adults and can make their own decision as to how much they drink. My personal preference is to drink as much as I can and learn from your mistakes (I always try to smile and say please and thank you). I am assuming you, the reader, have strong enough self esteem to make your own decisions. 

time to commit

Believe it or not, I have a really hard time making up my mind and saying, "let's make this a permanent thing" (except it was easy with Eric) yet I finally took the plunge and decided to commit to a blog title and buy a domain name. So its official, is now mine, all mine! Everything is the same for you guys, just a blog that you can catch up on what's going on in my world and hopefully I can make you think about stuff once in a while. Keep on reading and leave me comments too, they really make me happy:)

Hope this finds you all well and enjoying spring!
Much love xo Elizabeth


"If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants."

-Sir Isaac Newton

i was born this way.

Ya, I went there and quoted lady gaga (but if I'm honest, the lyrics in that song are pretty fierce) and these pictures shot by Philippe Teston really show more than just a face, they are almost haunting in the way they show something deeper and more real. Here are just a couple but check out his blog to discover his point of veiw through photography in Korea.

NEW Blog


This is just a posting to introduce my blog to those who may not have read it. 

There I talk about the Kimchi Squat, being dong chimmed by my teacher, the not so exclusive Haeundae Beach, how Koreans fear fans and many more.

Please have a read and leave a comment. 


K-Blog All-Stars

The folks at dropped by my blog the other day. Apparently they like my scribblings enough to include me in their blog contest.

You can find the details here.

Frankly I couldn’t care less if you vote for me or not, but I do recommend taking a look at some of the other blogs. There’s some damn good sites listed–almost all of them with a lot better content than the rants I post. Have some spare time? Check em out.

Take Better Pictures: 5 Korean Photo Blogs You Should Follow

Whether you want to become the next Ansel Adams, or just learn how to take better pictures to post on Facebook, these blogs will help you get there.

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