Question from a reader: the whole enchilada

A reader writes in from Thailand:
I've been reading Brian's blog and came across yours. Tell me the truth, are all the horror stories over blown? Am I going to have a good decent employer in Korea and a nice place to live and a rewarding job?

I've been teaching uni in [city redacted] Thailand for five years now. The money is simply not enough, even with Thailand's extremely low cost of living. So Korea looks appealing. I like the Internet speeds, the high tech society, the money that seems to be on offer for ESL teachers. But scared of getting stuck in an abusive situation. I have a BA from an American U but no Masters so, apparently, teaching at a uni in Korea is out of the question.

Integrating job ad feedback

 It's our first week of using the interface and someone just posted a detailed negative comment on a job ad.  My first thought, was 'uh-oh, here comes the blacklist kind of stuff - shields up!'.  In the past, we have always avoided any kind of black list postings out of concern for things getting out of hand, the challenge of maintaining some sense of civility and fairness, and potential legal concerns.  Howerver, if ever there was a time to reconsider this, it is now.

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