“Korean Age”: Old Before My Time

by John Bocskay

People say age is just a number. Koreans say it’s just a slightly larger number.


My First Korean Birthday: 3 years older, 1 year wiser (maybe)

From the boys!

From the boys!

September 18th, 2014 was the official one-month mark for me being in Korea! More importantly, though, it was my birthday!

I Will Walk 500km

And, I will walk 500 more, as long as this $17 pair of slip-ons I bought at Target before I came here hold out.

Thanks to my friends Sam, Jenna and Hye ri for coming out with me to Geumyeonsan on Sunday as a kind of observed birthday event. It’s always good to be able to stretch ones birthday out for nearly an entire week. 

Small World, Big Love..and a Birdhouse.

Its a fact of life that living away from family means that you will inevitably miss out on life events and special occasions from time to time. Being there virtually has been a saving grace for Nicole and I. Skype, Kakao, Facebook, Twitter and our blogs offer us a direct connect with loved ones back home but there are still some things that just don’t quite make the journey through electronic media.

Indecisive Spring

Being a true Englishman I regularly feel the need to discuss the weather, moan about the weather and drop a weather related comment into moments of uncomfortable silence. The Republic of Korea is famed for it’s distinct seasons. A long hot and humid summer, a long dry and cold winter and a rather perfect yet short spring and autumn. Last week it was threatening an early and welcome spring; that was until it randomly snowed a foot of snow in Changwon and much of South Korea. There were rumours it was the first time the second largest city of Busan had seen snowfall for six years. It then rained for a few days and the snow was gone and now it feels like spring again.

Birthdays, Babies, Brunch and Busan

I turned 27 late last month. I remember when I was around 8 years old, I couldn't wait to be a year older. Back then it always seemed that birthdays were an eternity away. Then as you get older you wish they'd stop coming so often. My personal theory is that although time is constant, our comprehension of it changes as we get older. When we're young, our brains are constantly processing so much brand new information that the experience of living seems to drag on forever. But after we've been around for a while, we get used to the same old stuff so our brain ignores a lot of things and time speeds up.

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