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Ah, the belated birthday post. This is the last year of my...

Ah, the belated birthday post.

Letter from Korea, November 2013


Suwon, South Korea
November 2013

Dear Ireland

Birthday Blues


I think I should start off by saying that my birthday is actually on Wednesday (not today) this year. Still, I almost forgot that it was even happening until a few nights ago. So much for planning a slumber party. Wait, do people still do that? Is it bad that I still want to do that?

For anyone that knows me, I have an odd habit of creating some sort of self-deprecating picture at around this time every year. I figured I could share it with all you awesome readers, just because. I was accused of using it as an opportunity to do a “lazy” comic…which is not entirely wrong. I do apologize.

A Splendid Salad at Seven Springs in Seoul

If buffet chain restaurants were a flock of teenage girls, Seven Springs would be the Queen Bee demonstrating the supreme art of  smörgåsbord dining in Seoul, Korea.


I ventured to one of Seven Springs’ Seoul locations recently. When a friend mentioned she wanted to go to a buffet restaurant for her birthday dinner I laughed and asked where we were really going. She was excited for this particular salad buffet in Hongdae, and because it wasn’t my birthday I went along with the green meal idea and made my way out of Exit 8 at Hongdae Station and found the veggie oasis.

석가탄신일: Buddha’s Birthday



So Long, Farewell: It hurts when friends leave Korea.



I won’t lie, last week in Korea was rough. I should have been elated for the upcoming weekend forecast of warm weather and birthday celebrations for yours truly, but my heart was a little crushed. A handful of fellow teachers departed or began preparations for the journey home. Each time someone leaves I realize how much they’ve influenced my time abroad. I mean, come on, they basically made it.


Happy Birthday Millie

Happy Valentine's day everyone! I decided to eat chocolate for my breakfast this morning because, a. I'm not in England for long and there's not much time to fit in good chocolate, and b. I haven't been given any chocolates for Valentine's day as Nick is thousands of miles across the planet.

Today I'm off to get my hair cut and have cream tea. Exciting.

Yesterday it snowed lots, but it didn't stop us going to a restaurant to celebrate Millie's 22nd birthday after she got back from university. Happy Birthday Millie!

Birthday Cheesecake

December Memories: Day 21

Birthday Hint
What does it mean when some gives you a pilot's cap as a hint
of you birthday present?
A little apprehensive to discover the answer tomorrow as long as the
rain in Busan goes away...eeek!

Happy Cakeday

Swanky rooms and fancy cakes is how I celebrated by 26th birthday.

It was nice to be given two different cakes on my birthday, a christmassy reindeer one and a fruity cream cake, both from my beloved Paris Baguette.

The room I hired meant we could sing along with Westlife karaoke, play flip cup and balloon keepy uppy until 4:30 in the morning. I imagine this is what would go on at a children's birthday party if all the adults disappeared for the day.

I was very lucky to get so many presents, from Tash and friends from home, and still have a mystery present planned by Nick to come on Saturday. A little concerned that as a hint I've been given an old school pilot's hat with goggles...

It may not have gone quite as smoothly as I had hoped but it's one I won't be forgetting for a long time. So thanks to everyone who was a part of it!

December Memories: Day 18

Birthday Girl
Happy Birthday to me!

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