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Sunrise to Japan and Other Thoughts

Sunrise, Ulleungdo


DING DONG THE SHEIK IS DEAD (go ahead and celebrate, it's okay)

I got the news the way I get almost any important, shocking news these days:  via text message, while teaching a class.  I glanced at the screen and these three words were seared into my eyes: BIN LADEN DEAD!!!

I stopped my class and quickly relayed the message to my adult students, who were as gobsmacked as me.  When I ran to the teachers' room and saw that the internet indeed confirmed the news, a feeling of joy swelled in my gut, enveloping my whole body in warmth and electricity.  I strolled back into the classroom and stood before the handful of older students seated in front of me, grinning so hard that I could almost hear my skin strain.

"It looks like it's true..."

Osama Bin Laden was dead and guess what?  I was fucking happy.  I was more than happy - I was elated - and I felt like celebrating.  And I wasn't the only one.

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