Biking in a Sea of Flowers

Biking in a Sea of Flowers

Spring has arrived. The sun is shining so brightly. What’s a better way to spend a beautiful afternoon other than to bike in a sea of flowers at Nakdong riverside in Busan?

Biking in Gyeongju, the Best Way to Spend Korean Memorial Day

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I’ve gotten super busy with social media marketing ever since my new post at Aclipse as International Marketing Assistant. Check out my blog posts here, and follow me on twitter at @arieldrosen for more Korea updates!

Anyway, Thursday was Korean Memorial Day, so everyone got off work! My friends and I decided to travel to Gyeongju to ride bikes and check out some historical sites. Gyeongju was the capital of Silla, an ancient Korean dynasty, (57 BC – 935 AD). There is also an amusement park there! But we’re saving that for another trip. It takes about an hour and half to drive there from Busan, but the drive was beautiful so no worries. Ok, here come the photos!

Biking At Night In Gyeongju

Pedaling through Gyeongju at night. This is a flat city, built millennia ago beneath the great sheltering wall of South Mountain, and unlike the near-vertical drops of Busan you can really get around in this place if you’ve got a bike: only the crisscrossing four-lane highways pose any danger, and the traffic lights go on forever. Even as I bike here I’ve got New York on my mind: there at least the lights change after just a few seconds.

Destination: a KTX trip – tea fields in Boseong and rail-biking in Gokseong (Jeollanam-do)

There are quite a few ‘KTX Tours’ available – typically one- or two-day trip offering to whisk you away to sights around the country using Korea’s fast train service. While the KTX train didn’t take us all the way to our first destination, the chartered bus took us the rest of the way.

Cinema Scope: Baegun Lake

Not long ago, one of my co-teachers took me to Baegun Lake via car. Whenever I'm in a car in South Korea, I completely lose my concept of direction, so I hadn't a clue how we had gotten there. All I could remember was that it seemed far.

A few days ago I ventured out just a little bit further than usual on my bike and, voila, I was at the lake once more! It was perfect because driving the circumference of the lake had not been all that special, but biking around it gave me a bit more appreciation for the area. I discovered that the metal wire fence I had seen during my last visit does not actually suround the entire lake, just a small section of it. WHEW!

Road biking around Busan

I am wondering if anyone knows of any roads around Busan particularly good for cycling.  Searching the web, I found only one--a 40km ride from Haeundae that looks decent.  Also, does anyone know any road biking clubs or organizations in the area?  I've talked to a few bike shops and they all appear focused on mountain biking.  Much thanks for your input!

FYI, if you're a cyclist, and looking for a riding partner, please let me know.  I should mention though that I ride a tri/TT bike...

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