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My Cocky Korean

Boston Market has provided my go-to meal for the majority of my adult life...and by 'go-to' I mean when I need something quick, hearty, and relatively healthy (meat, starch, and veggie w/ multiple colors represented). Unfortunately, when I last moved, I didn't base it off of the closest Boston Market location. Fortunately, I've been forced to branch out...

Going Gluten-Free in Korea (I’m trying.)


Who doesn't like Bibimbap?....

Just last week I hate some homemade Bibimbap and I realized I never posted the recipe here, this is pretty simple to make and you can basically just use left-over veggies, rice, an egg and Gochujang.

How Do You Like Your Bibimbap?

Tonight, I had a sudden craving for Bibimbap, so my husband and I went to what I call our “emergency hangout”, a 24-hour restaurant across from our apartment, where we often go when we get hungry in the middle of the night or when he comes home from work at 2 or 3 A.M., starving.

Busan Food Journal, Part Four

Korean Food USA: BAK Korean Kitchen & Craft Beer Hall

7 Easy to Cook Korean Recipes

Japchae - Sweet potato noodles with shredded vegetables

Korean food is very popular, highly nutritious and absolutely easy to make. It does not take a lot of your time provided you have the key ingredients that make up the Korean kitchen. Make sure you stock your refrigerator with the following:

Korean Food USA: Yellow Vendor

Korean Food USA: Ah-Lang (Angry Korean Lady)

Korean Food USA: Bibigo

Seeing as how bibimbap has emerged to become the “gateway dish” into Korean cuisine, we decided to highlight another Korean restaurant that is reinventing this dish in new ways. Located near UCLA, Bibigo provides a healthy twist on bibimbap that is sure to appeal to American tastes.

Like Chipotle’s menu, Bibigo’s menu puts diners in command and lets them build their own bibimbap through a multi-step process:

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