Barmingo: Cocktails and Chinese in Hannam-dong

I keep telling myself I won’t go more than a couple of days without updating this blog, but things just keep not working out that way. This time, I’ve gotten sidetracked by photography. I started out a few months back as worse than the average casual photographer. I used to be infamous among my friends for taking terrible, blurry photos, and photography is definitely what eats up most of my time in keeping this blog. Recently, a friend mentioned that she would be willing to sell me her Nikon for a song since she’s looking to upgrade. My current DSLR is worse than useless, but I’ve been putting off replacing it until I can justify the cost. A year ago, when I started to think seriously about figuring out how to take photos, shelling out for a new DSLR would’ve been akin to finger-painting with oil paints.

Ipari (이파리)

Name: Ipari (이파리)

Location: Hongdae/Yeonhuidong

Hwee Bar 9th Anniversary Special

Hwee Bar in Jongno is holding a special for its 9th anniversary with a "Time Capsule" event. From tomorrow, June 1st, to Wednesday, June 3rd, you can enjoy free buffet-style anju with your drinks. Throughout the rest of June, they will have drinks priced at what they had charged 9 years ago, which I imagine must be a pretty decent discount. Note: the sale only goes until 8 pm on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays.

As the event promoter forgot to include a map to Hwee, I searched around a bit and found this one over on Ivan City.

Another Queer Weekend Gravity Bar Opening in Jongno and the Switch Meet Market

This weekend a new bar is opening in the Jongno Bar. Although the official opening isn't until October 2nd, there is a pre-opening this weekend with free anju! There tag-line is 'Don't blame gravity for falling in love' which is a bit adorable.

Another Queer Weekend: MW Lounge Bar, DJ Twink, and your last chance to see The Gays are Coming

Not too much going on this weekend from what I'm seeing... but there is a new 'one-shot' and 'talking' bar opening in Itaewon with a current 20% discount event going on. The bar is for men in their 30s and 50s and open everyday from 8pm to 4 am except for Tuesdays.
MW Lounge Bar is located straight out of exit 3 from Itaewon station next to ITW Hotel. (Check the map below).

Club Opening: Jongno's Club 50

A new club opened up this weekend in Jongno. Pub and lounge on the first floor and a dance club in the basement. I'm pretty sure it is a gay club as they were advertising it on Ivan City and it is right near the gay junction outside of Jongno 3 Gu exit 6.

Club Opening in Daegu: Basquia

Although I'm a little late to inform my readers on the grand opening (forgive me... I was in Vietnam), you should know about Basquia: the new gay venue in Daegu.

Another Queer Weekend

Want to go out this weekend? How about the Bear Ball in Jongno at G2 Club on Saturday.

Lots of info over at their facebook page.

Bears not your thing? How about some parties over at Circuit?

Kimchi Americano's Bar Review: Mou

This review was penned by a new Kimchi Queen writer. Hailing from the states and of Korean descent, his nickname is Kimchi Americano. Without further ado, here is Kimchi Americano's first bar review.


Club Review: Lovo

Last (last?) Saturday, I visited Jongno with a good friend for some bar hopping. After Sno Pub, we headed to the newly opened Lovo. Straight out of exit five on the opposite side of the road we spotted Lovo on the third floor. We entered, no cover, and were greeted with something like this:

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