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My Korean Boyfriend: The Korean Eats Balut!

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The boyfriend has been dead-scared of eating balut since he got to the Philippines. He thinks it's made of pure gross and the whole idea does not make sense. Besides, as per Mr. Kim, there are feathers and "chicken feet" inside the shell. LOL.

This video won at the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards as one of the Top 3 Videoblogs of the Year! :)

So, what's the story behind it (and more importantly, what is balut)? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!

Kring Elenzano

Funny is the New Sexy & My Korean Boyfriend
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Eating Balut

Balut is a delicacy here in The Philippines. What is balut? It's an almost fully-formed duck fetus cooked in its own egg. Men eat it for "stamina."



I ate balut the other night. The waitress at the streetside bar was kind enough to capure the ordeal on my digital camera.

Step 1: Crack the top of the egg open.

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