Moving forward: time to talk about a new teacher’s organization

It’s time to move forward.

I do think we need a organization that assists teachers; in fact, I’d be open to sitting in on that future discussion and offering up some ideas. Let’s get the seven or eight or twenty of us interested in moving forward and have a roundtable sort of meeting. Not in a bar, not in a coffeehouse, but a rather sterile, business room of sorts.

To clarify, I’m not talking about shaking ATEK up, using their contacts, or changing ATEK into something else. I’m talking about a completely new organization, because the name ATEK has become irreversibly tainted, and needs to be retired.

I’d also like to point out that this a big endeavor. At the very least you’d need a few people ready to spend at least a few weeks setting things up, working closely to keep things integrated, and then a larger team to canvass the online and offline worlds to spread the word.

AT THE CROSSROADS: TO ATEK OR NOT TO ATEK (guest post from Chris D.)

Chris in South Korea note: this is a guest post from Chris D., whose biography is part of the story. Since we happen to share the same first name, please kindly address your comments to Chris D. (the author of this guest post), or Chris B. (yours truly) to avoid confusion. A post written by myself on the same topic is scheduled for later today.

This piece is about the oft discussed and hotly debated issue of ATEK. My goal here is to discuss one issue that is often left by the wayside in the stampede that is nearly always generated by any discussion on ATEK. That issue, in clear language is: What do Foreign English Teachers in Korea need?

A bit about myself before diving into this shark tank of a debate…

ATEK at a crossroads – the fallout post-3WM

Author’s note: if the title of this post makes no sense to you, please read this post to catch up.

On ATEK and 3WM – an enigma meets a mystery

I’m not sure when I accepted the role of an outspoken, if optimistic, critic of ATEK. Perhaps it was during this article where I offered then-new president Greg Dolezal a few suggestions. Perhaps it was this article talking about the rumblings around ATEK when another human-rights type organization was formed. Perhaps it was when I appeared on a Korea Bridge podcast featuring the new president of ATEK. In any case, it’s been sometime since ATEK has found itself in the spotlight – for better or worse, the spotlight has found them.

ATEK Presidential Transition Webast

89:56 minutes (41.17 MB)
ATEK Presidential Transition Webast 
August 26, 2010

Participants: Greg Dolezal (outgoing president), Oh Jae Hee(incoming president) Rob Ouwehand , Chris Backe, & Jeff Lebow

On ATEK and a new president

My good friend Rob, the National Communications Officer for ATEK, and the man behind Roboseyo has recently raised some interesting points regarding ATEK's next president. The Association for Teachers of English in Korea has had a checkered history, but over the last year quite a few positive changes have been made (quoted from Rob's e-mail - bullet points are mine):

Poll results: What do you think of ATEK?


With 88 votes cast: What do you think of ATEK?
It's doing an excellent job - 4 (4%)
It's doing a good job, but could be doing better - 12 (13%)
I have no feelings either way - 14 (15%)
I have some concerns - 6 (6%)
I have many concerns - 9 (10%)
They shouldn't exist - 8 (9%)
What's ATEK? - 35 (39%)

UPDATE: Legal assurance details - the fine print

If you're not sure what this post is updating, read this post first.So I've received the contract for the Legal Assurance program offered through the Kangnam Labor Law Firm and ATEK. 20,000 won a month for representation by a professional law firm sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong; while the assistance provided is limited to labor law and your job (not your girlfriend's or significant

Discussion with Greg Dolezal, President of ATEK

71:23 minutes (32.68 MB)

ATEK Discussion with Greg  Dolezal, president of ATEK.
Topics covered include: Recent internal strife, new bilawsadvocacy attempts, anti-EnglsihSpectrum episode ,letter to the prime minister,building bridges with Kotesol, and other updates.

Rumblings around ATEK - and a new group forming UPDATED

UPDATED 5 April 2010 12:36 PM - I stated in the comments that I would update this post if / when I received a statement / reply from Greg Dolezal, ATEK's current president. Since I failed to do that when I first wrote this post, I sent my sincere apologies to him and asked for his statement. It was not done intentionally or to make anybody look bad. In the interest of timing and continuity, his statement will be at the bottom.


So there's been some noise from around the ATEK camp again - not something that'll make the mainstream media - and word of a new group that may show some promise. In the interest of trying to document things dispassionately, I'll be offering more blockquotes from e-mails or public statements than opinions.

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