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PNU Club Tour

Damn… It’s been a long time – apologies and all the usual garbage excuses about being busy. Let’s get into it.

This Weekend, PNU Rocks

Zero Festival gets down this weekend in PNU with all types of sonic goodness.

My Husband’s Serenade


A Letter to Daddy (on Father’s Day)

Dear Daddy,

My Kids are…

…a little crazy, and I wouldn’t want them any other way.   The other day after a ten-minute break between Elementary classes, I come in to see this on my white board.  It’s the cover of the book we’re currently reading and it’s really great.

I know I couldn’t draw that well in 2nd grade, or probably even now.  Especially with teaching Kindergarten, I tend to focus on the refined art of coloring.

I liked it so much that I made sure my little ones didn’t erase it.  And apart from an accidental smudge or two, it stayed relatively intact, which is kind of a miracle.

The 6th Annual Korean American Film Festival New York (KAFFNY)

Our friends at KAFFNY (Korean American Film Festival New York) will be holding their annual festival at the Anthology Film Archives this week from June 5-10.
Marking its sixth run this year, KAFFNY promises a “bold” line-up this year with 9 features, 6 premieres, and over 20 short films. Among the films featured are: Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe, Should’ve Kissed, Magic and Loss, and Dol, a short film by Andrew Ahn, which we wrote about earlier this year. The festival will also be commemorating the 20th anniversary of the L.A. Riots with shorts and films told in the voice of the second-generation Korean Americans. KAFFNY’s L.A.

[May 4-June 16] Artist Hong Seon Jang’s Exhibition at David B. Smith Gallery

Help fund Yoon Jung Lee’s new film, ‘Remember O Goddess’

[March 3] 2012 New York Korean Fashion Festival Hosted by KAMA

[Mar.2-24] ‘Connections’ Exhibit to be presented at New York’s Gallery Maum

David Choe to become one of the richest street artists in the world

‘The Portfolio’ – A New Talk Show About Korean Americans

Ex-NK Propagandist’s New Art Direction Against NK Regime

Concert Review: Yim Jae Beum’s Lunar New Year Concert

Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company Presents ‘Untitled Feminist Show’

Museum of Arts and Design hosts the ‘Korean Eye: Energy and Matter’ Exhibit

KAs@Work: Filmmaker Ien Chi

Artist Miru Kim’s ‘The Pig That Therefore I Am’ Project Series

Performance Artist Christine Sun Kim Explores the Physicality of Sound

Photographers Dan Pak and Young Kim Part of ‘TBC: To Be Continued’ Show

KAs@Work: Christina Kang of Paradigm Art Company

Victor King’s EP Release + Party!

Rallying Support for the 2012 Extension of ‘MISS KIM’

[Nov. 13] Korean American Film Festival New York Urban 2011

The Asian American Writers’ Workshop Presents the 2011 PAGE TURNER Festival

Artist Jeong-Won Yoon Showcases Barbie Shamans at ‘Korea DNA’ Exhibit

Designer Ji Lee Releases New Book, ‘Word As Image’

The KYOPO Project: National Book Launch Event

KAs@Work: James Kim of Catharsis NYC

Artist Do-Ho Suh’s ‘Home Within Home’ and Upcoming ‘Falling Star’ Exhibition

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