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Selcas time!

Hi everyone!

I was wondering what have I been doing these past 2 weeks that I forgot to blog, well, not really forgto, but I didn't have the time to do it properly and I honestly don't know what I've been doing...I know we've been busy and had to run to busan for an almost 2 days trip but other than that, I'm not exactly sure what's going on, I have stories to tell but those will be left for a different day.

Today I will just talk about my latest hobby, this is something that now I do while I ride the bus, subway or just killing time while going from one place to the other: SELCAs, selca comes from Self-Camera aka selfies, my sister told me about this great app called CYMERA and this app can be linked to your Cyberworld account (like the Korean version of FB).

Seoul Walking Tour - App Review

Hi everyone!

I'm sort of back!!, I've been pretty busy lately, working, planning, catching up on some sleep, studying Korean and well, doing some research online, as you know I still have plans of going back to Korea but this time my sister is coming with me, yay!!!!, we traveled just the 2 of us for the first time last year when we visited Italy and it went better than expected :)

We are both very different, but so alike at the same time, the only day we spent appart in Florence we ended up doing almost the EXACT same things just in different order, I'm pretty excited to go to Korea with her and show her some of the amazing things I've seen/done and to do new things I didn't have time to do before like Jeju Island!!!, but the 1st thing is... SEOUL!


Hi everyone!

As you know right now I'm in Italy but since its 4am and I can't sleep anymore I thought I should blog (haha), so I'm so sorry about not adding the links correctly or the pictures being all together at the end... I'm blogging from my Iphone and I can't edit properly :( but here it goes...

There’s an app for that – Korean-related apps for your iDevice

It’s hard to ignore Apple’s presence in the smartphone / tablet world – or the apps available for them. I recently picked up an iPad to replace / upgrade from a first-gen iPod Touch, and decided to take a fresh look at the apps that cover Korea. (Note – all ratings out of 5 taeguks)

First up: Daegu Tour, anyone?

App review: Visit Korea (Android, iDevice)

After positively reviewing the recently released MediTour app, I had high hopes and expectations for this free app from the Korean Tourism Organization. Available for both Android phones and iDevices, the app looks and works nice – but suffers from a flaw that may be a dealbreaker. I tested the Android version; an iDevice app is also available from the iTunes store.

Review: MediTour app (Android / iDevice)

Brought to you by the Korea Tourism Organization, the MediTour app (Android and iDevices) offers ample information for those bound for a Korean medical tourism trip. With versions in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian, there’s no language barrier and few language issues to speak of. While good if you’re already coming to Korea or desiring more information, it’s missing a few things to give it the highest recommendation.

Review: Korea (iDevice app)

Oh, dear. The app 'Korea' has either done the country a disservice, or is the result of a prank pulled on the iDevice app store. A blogger like myself is not big enough to see this thing pulled from the app store, but see if this review leads you to desire the same thing.Choose 'Start' or 'All Items' to see basically the same thing - a picture:Slide left or right to get...? another picture:Slide

Review: Seoul Bus (iDevice app)

The Seoul subway system has been covered in the iDevice universe time and time again. The Seoul bus system, however, has only seen a couple releases - almost entirely in Korean, and . I'm quite happy to have discovered this app recently - it was only released in September - and am equally happy to pass it onto you.At its simplest, Seoul Bus gives you information on virtually every bus and bus

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