birthday love

Picnicking is one of my favorite words & activities.

We did that for my birthday.

My friends bring it, when we picnic.  Fresh homemade salsa, penne with mushrooms and garbanzo beans, tofu marinated in oriental dressing with greens, cupcakes, caprese salad, spinach dip, baguettes, and lots of makgeolli, wine, and beer.

We were also in an ideal location. Wooden platform with trees coming up through the floor, overlooking the ocean. It was a wonderful afternoon.

My purple stained lips can tell you all about it.


Last year before my birthday I completed my life list. I have some updates!

25. visit all 5 of Korea’s National Treasures

Korea has way more that 5 National Treasures, in fact hundreds. And so far I have seen two of them. I will aim for 5. Easily done before next summer.

Seokguram Grotto

Ordinary Day

Sketches from vacation

the beach

the fog

the hike

Total distance: 13km

Difficulty: difficult [the addition of a 12kg backpack]

studio neighborhood

the beach

Koreans for the most part wear their clothes in the ocean. These reasons have been given to me, 1. they are embarrassed by their fat [ which honestly is non-existent on most people's bodies, but their body image ideals are quite extreme] 2. the sun, most people stay out of the rays, avoiding a tan at all costs. So the beach is  a different experience, because I go to the beach in my bikini and sometimes that can create a few looks.  There are also beaches with more people that seem to be the comfort zone if you want to wear a swim suit.

Here are some photos from yesterday, @ family beach day. We played some frisbee in the ocean, all received some level of sunburn, and shared some delicious snacks and drinks.

in the forest

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