The Korean Spa 찜질방

Tuesday night was a bit of a solo adventure.

Plans to meet up with a friend didn’t work out. I found myself in an unfamiliar neighborhood, on the phone with my boyfriend, who is explaining to me via google maps where the closest spa is.

It felt like an adventure. Arriving at this tall building, taking the elevator to the 15th floor. I was instructed to put on the spa slippers and take the stairs. From that point I followed the signs. This spa was extremely small. Before I describe it to you, let me tell you more about the Korean spa culture.

the Denver art world

I spent a lovely day jumping between the Denver Art Museum, and the Clifford Still Museum.

Oh my!

This is the original Denver Art Museum building. It holds permanent collections.

This is the new building! Finally finished, and GORGEOUS. Lots of nooks created by the unique shape. This part of the building has more contemporary work, and the traveling exhibitions.

to fly

to fly is the closest thing to outer space i will reach

i think of that when i am thousands of feet in the air

surrounded by the clouds



much like i imagine every cosmonaut, astronaut alike felt

Gratitude Finale

Day 23: Clothing

Day 24: In Your Closet

Photo Challenge {gratitude continued…}

Day 18: Something New

Day 19: Best Friend


Wake up, biscuits & eggs.

Motorbike to meet friends.

Drive to the race track.

Win some, and lose some.

Laugh about the horse names, and lack of alcohol.

Head to the other side of town.

Major seafood delight.

Sunset dinner.

Cozy hut.

Laughter again.

Oh Busan! My Favorite Things

my favorite things:

1.  Kimbap cheonguk 김밥천국
kimbap is a Korean version of sushi
this is the name of a fast food spot that is sometime 24-7,
a complete meal is going to be less than $5.

2. the market

The Korean Grocery Store

A trip to the grocery store is a strong reminder that you are far far away from all that is familiar. After almost 2 years of living in Korea, I adore the kimchi selection, and fresh fish of every sort at my fingertips. Ramen is no longer a college staple with a selection of over 20 different kinds.

I want you [the reader that is far far away from me] to see that here in Korea, entire aisles are dedicated to one product with a huge variety for your selection.

First up > TUNA<, spicy tuna, kimchi tuna, vegetable tuna, and regular ol’ tuna.

Magical Truth

Tongdosa = salvation of the world through mastery of truth.

Tongdosa Temple is the head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. This temple dates back to 646 CE, and the monk responsible for it’s start is Jajang. This temple plays an important role to the Buddhism influence on the Silla Dynasty.

We packed up and headed on the motorbike leaving Busan in the late afternoon. The weather in Busan has been extremely hot for mid September. After a nice cool wave, no one has welcomed the humidity & heat back. Thankfully for our adventure the weather held it’s self together for one more cool day.

It was over 40 km from the outskirts of the city to the temple grounds.

Night Hike

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