With sunny temperatures and snacks packed, we headed to Seoul for the 51 + music festival.  Last year was entertaining, and this year the location was on the edge of a park at a liberal arts college. Maundrie Fox played, along with Yamagata Tweakster {acoustic set}, Trampauline, and some new bands to my ears. Taking over what appeared to be the theater arts building, different bands played on each floor, including the roof top! A small flea market was held outside along with kimbap, beer, and lemonade for sale. Most of the people who attended were Korean college students. The festival covered all genres of music, and the day was definitely a success by any listeners’ standard.

Making the Most of Korean Festivals in 2012

The Eobang or Fishers' Festival on Gwangan Beach, Busan

{{happy friday}}


Paper goods by Fair Morning Blue

This weekend is going to be relaxing >

Staying in to start on my 25 page research paper for special populations in art.

Turning the wheels for a collaborative project with E and a coffee business.

Sunday will be the best! A day with two lovely ladies, paper crafting, baking, and swooning over

Mi barrio

An Icy Adventure at the Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival

South's Korea's northernmost province Gangwon-do is home to the city of Hwacheon and one of winter's most exciting events: The Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival, or Mountain Trout Festival.

설날 Adventure - National Treasure # 285

설날= Seollal

The Korean New Year, and the first day of the Lunar calendar.

For this holiday, it was a last minute adventure to see cave paintings.

With only 7 months left in Korea, I want to ensure I see the national treasures.

Taking Space

No one will see these paintings.

They exist in a space that no one occupies.

Once lived in, now abandoned.



We took two locations.

Taking space.

Making it ours.

Leaving something beautiful behind.

One day soon it will lie in pieces.

It will have been destroyed, purposefully.

[[ Winter Templestay ]]

After the 4 days last winter at Golgulsa Temple, I left refreshed.

The activeness of temple life was rewarding. The junior monks were inspiring.

So this year when a similar week of vacation approached, I knew it was in my best interest to do another templestay before leaving Korea. This time I would travel to Seoul, and visit a mountainside temple called Hwagyesa Temple. It is the International Center for Zen in Korea, and there are monks for around the world that live there to study under Zen Master Seung Sahn.

Bokbunja & Black Raspberry Festival!

I took an Adventure Korea tour to see the Black Raspberry Festival in Geochang. Activities included picking berries & drinking the berry wine, touring the festival grounds (including live eel catching), a dance party, and shellfish collecting.

Basically, the 45 foreigners provided live  entertainment for the small town of Geochang for the entire weekend. We were followed everywhere by Koreans and their cameras. An amusing weekend, indeed.

After a 3-hour bus ride from Seoul, we landed in Geochang. We began the day by enjoying some traditional Korean games and sampling the local black raspberries, one of Geochang's best-known exports.

Greetings from Korea!

Greetings from Korea! I can't believe how fast time flies here.

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