South Korean workers fight to Stop Ssangyong Motor Worker Deaths- VIDEO

From youtube:

With extreme repressive force by the South Korean government to suppress what had been a peaceful sit-in strike asking for dialogue over alternatives to mass redundancy dismissals at Ssangyong Motor in 2009,
-some 3000 workers were pushed out of the plant by restructuring and disciplinary dismissal,
-over 100 workers imprisoned, with strike leader Han Sang Kyun still imprisoned today and
-now 22 suicides and other early deaths among the Ssangyong Motor worker and family members affected by the illegitimate mass redundancy dismissals, which the company justified by doctoring its accounting books.

Great International Peace March- Jeju to Mainland

Pre-celebrations will start at 7 PM on July 3rd with rallies in front of City Hall on Jeju Island. The next day at 10 AM, a press conference at Gangjeong Village will launch the peace march. Following the conference will be the march from Gangjeong Village, the site of an anti-Naval base construction struggle, to the Historical Site of the April 3rd Jeju Uprising.  On the 5th, the march will split into two contingents, one continuing toward the southeastern tip and the other toward the southwestern tip of the Korean Peninsula. From the east and west, both of these contingents will converge on the 6th at Jiri Mountain, a historic site of guerilla resistance. The two West and East contingents will march separately visiting major cities (such as Jinju, Gwangju, Ulsan, Pohang, Daegu, Cheonan) and sites of struggle in South Korea while participating in rallies, cultural, and peace promotion events and activities.

Korean University Students Demand Accountability in Election Scandal- VIDEO

대학생들-민주주의 유린한 국정원 폐지하고 박근혜는 하야하라 기습시위후 연행

Students call for an investigation into election tampering by the National Intelligence Service and former director Won Sei-Hoon, who is indicated on charges of ordering a smear campaign against opposition candidates in last year’s election. Many are disappointed in the Park administration’s lack of a strong stance against the allegations and in maintaining non-involvement in the issue. According to The Hankyoreh, one Saenuri official has been quoted as saying:

“Principle, trust, and following the law are supposed to be President Park’s trademark. Now that the prosecutors have finished their investigation, the President has a responsibility to follow the Constitution and national law by apologizing to the public for the NIS’s misdeeds and taking steps to make sure such things don’t happen again. It is irresponsible for her and the Blue to play dumb on such a major incident.”

Resolution to Struggle: a Declaration for Human Liberation

Translated from the 22nd Commemoration Ceremony for Martyrs and Victims for the Nation and Democracy  June 8, 2013, Seoul, South Korea

Since the time of the Gabo (Tonghak) Peasant Revolution[i] through Japanese colonial rule and then military dictatorship until today in the 21st century, the worker’s and people’s progressive social transformation movement has continuously been marching towards national and social liberation. Our martyrs have always been at the frontlines sacrificing their lives.

Our martyr’s frontline struggles have always lent great moral authority to the workers and peoples[ii] struggles. Unlike the few who ruled for their interests, the noble deeds of our martyrs were dedicated to the progress of society and history.

정택용작가의 사진으로 보는 [쌍용차 해고자, 자동차를 만들다 H-20000 프로젝트] Ssanyong Auto Workers Struggle- VIDEO

Laid off Ssanyong Auto workers, currently demanding reinstatement and an end to mass layoffs assemble 20,000 auto parts – funded by 20,000 supporters – into the H(heart) 20000

“쌍용차 해고자, 자동차를 만들다 

H-20000 프로젝트

삶을 파괴하는 정리해고에 맞서 옹근 4년의 시간을 싸웠습니다.
국가와 회사, 이제는 그들이 답해야 합니다.

기획된 정리해고의 올무에 걸려 공장에서 내팽겨진
모든 이들과 
우리 곁을 떠난 스물 네 분 그리고 그 가족의 명예 회복을 더는 미룰 수 없습니다.

’국.정.조.사’가 그 시작입니다.

4년간의 정리해고 싸움에도 녹슬지 않은 손으로
쌍용차 해고노동자들이 
4년 만에 다시 자동차를 만듭니다.

시민들이 후원한 살점 같은 2만 개의 부품이 모여 
세상에서 단 하나뿐인,
기계가 아닌 인간의 자동차가 만들어 집니다.

FREE! Bradley Manning


Seoul, South Korea

Photo Essay: Remembering Fallen Comrades On the Road to the New Day

On June 8, 2013, the ISC Media Team attended the 22nd National Commemoration of the Martyrs and Victims in the Struggle for Our Nation and Democracy. The first commemoration ceremony was held amidst tear gas in 1990 under Roh Tae Woo’s presidency.

A shrine composed of over 350 martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the nation and for democracy

A shrine composed of over 350 martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the nation and for democracy

Solidarity's Salon De AIDS

Gay rights group Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea is having a Salon De AIDS (살롱 드 에이즈) with conferences on May 11th and May 25th (Saturdays).  Here is a translation of the info provided. (If you think I've made mistakes that affect the meaning of the notice, please let me know). 
"During this time, how could we talk about AIDS?

World Wide

World Wide Wave (W3JOY), an Australian news source that talks about LGBT people around the world, did an interview with a member of Chingusai. Joseph Kim (pseudonym) talks about homophobia in the mainstream media, the rise of the Christian right, Lee Myeong Bak's administration, Hong Seok-Cheon's coming out, pop culture, G-voice (the gay chorus), and how you can support Chingusai. Shame that the interview, who talks about the importance of living openly, doesn't feel safe himself yet to use his real name. He does have hope for the future, however, which is nice to hear compared to the pessimism of many of my friends.

The Meet Market: White Party

This Saturday will see Myoung Wo Gwan host another Meet Market party. Alas, I will be busy on September 1st, but I highly recommend their parties. There will be a drag queen and drag king show at midnight, as well as limbo at 10pm with the winners getting a ottle of vodka.... Sounds like a good party. Plus, donations will help provide job opportunities for women rescued from sex trafficking.

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