BnBHero - Accommodation Booking Platform

BnBHero( is a P-to-P accommodation booking platform based in Korea.

You can book unique and local rooms and guest houses across Korea at affordable price. It also provides nice English UI and payment can be made by credit card or Paypal.

If you are interest for your short-term, mid-term stay in Korea, please take a look at the blog page about it.

Woraburi Phuket Resort and Spa – Phuket Resort Thailand


Woraburi or “Splendid City” is idyllic location of where the happiness and fairies live. Upon approach our gateway your own world of holiday has begun. A giant Srivijaya Bell at the unique elegant lobby reflects as a symbol of intimately acquainted welcome you to Pkuket, the largest island of Thailand with long and prosperous history.  


With the best picked location on Karon Beach, paradise paved over. Woraburi Phuket Resort & Spa offers a complete refuge for the most discerning sun worshippers and superlative views. A total of 207 rooms are perched in low-rise building designed and decorated luxury enough to give you the “Lord on holiday” feeling.


Korea Homestay

If you're looking for accomodation in Korea, try homestay. There is no deposit, no key money, breakfast is included.

We guarantee a safe living environment and a chance to practice the language. Get a first-hand experience of Korean culture, cook Korean food, participate in the everyday rituals of a real Korean family!

As you get to live together with a real Korean family homestay is a great way to experience Korean culture and improve your Korean. No need to worry about privacy - you get a room and bathroom for yourself. The families will teach you how to cook Korean food, invite you to their traditional celebrations, and even show you around town. And the price is the same as a normal "one-room".

Becoming Adventure: South Korea Travel Tips

The end of my holiday is coming! Next week I will start working on new videos about China!

South Korea is a great place to travel to! It may not be the first place on your list to go, but you will not regret a trip there. It offers a pretty unique and rewarding experience. It is best to get out and explore Korea. If you are just starting to travel and are looking somewhere you can explore and travel with no plan Korea is a good place to start! It is super safe and the people are really friendly. Also the food is great, I have never had any stomach problems. There are so many great cultural sites to check out. Here are some helpful sites for travel in Korea: Korean Tourism site: More Korea info: Transportation: Trains: Buses: Accommodations:

Hong Guesthouse In Korea

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