Market Makgeolli Tasting Class 1 – Registration Open!!

Asan Folk Festival 2013!!

This time of year is always a busy season for Makgeolli, and we are only now getting the time to collect ourselves and reflect on the past few months.  Back in October we had the annual Asan Folk Village Festival weekend.  MMPK teamed up with the always awesome Susubori Academy, along with their expat brewing instructors Becca Baldwin and Dan Lenaghan, to offer a weekend of open air makgeolli classes.

Free Makgeolli Making Class at Asan Folk Festival!!

It’s here again!  Last year we teamed up with Susubori Academy to host free makgeolli making classes at the Asan Folk Village as part of their annual festival.  It was a truly excellent time, and we had so much fun brewing makgeolli in the outdoors and enjoying each other’s company.  And this year it’s happening again!

Makgeolli Making Class in English!!!

We frequently get asked ‘Where can we learn how to make makgeolli in English?’

Susubori Academy is a school for learning how to brew makgeolli and other kinds of Korean traditional liquors. Two expat makgeolli experts, Becca Baldwin & Dan Lenaghan, have been perfecting the art of brewing and have a wealth of makgeolli knowledge we could only dream of having. As such, we are pleased to announce that we have a special MMPK makgeolli brewing workshop taught by Dan and Becca themselves at Susubori Academy!


Here are the details for what promises to be a fun filled afternoon of makgeolli making, tasting, and enjoying.

When: August 24th, 2pm – 5pm

Where: Susubori Academy, near Chungjeongno Station (Line 2 & 5)

Greetings from Korea!

Greetings from Korea! I can't believe how fast time flies here.

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