Reading List: Male Homosexuality in the King and the Clown Hybrid Construction and Contested Meanings

Lecture: Discourse on Homosexuality in Korean History: Facts and Fantasies

Martin Weiser will be presenting a lecture on Saturday November 15th through The RAS Colloquium in Korean Studies titled Discourse on Homosexuality in Korean History: Facts and Fantasies. 

So What do you think of Open Access Journals? Ever Submit to One?

My Website is blocked in China – Hah! I’m flattered


I was just in China for a work thing, when I checked the Duck of Minerva (the IR blog where I also write) for something. Turns out the Duck is screened out by the Great Firewall. Even if you go to Google Search Hong Kong, it’s still blocked.

Great Video on Getting a PhD in Political Science – Very Funny

certainly sounds like my 20s…

Walter Russell Mead Defends, Badly, the NSF cuts to Political Science


I originally put this on Duck of Minerva, an IR theory blog where I also write. But it’s worth putting here too as the US government shuts down over Tea Party intransigence.

Film Event: Transnational Korea in Queer Cinema

Great event coming up in October organized by my friend and Fulbright scholar Todd Henry. The day will focus on queer history through film from the 1950s to present.

Reading List: My Queer Korea: Identity, Space, and the 1998 Seoul Queer Film & Video Festival

Guest Post – Dave Kang: “International Relations Theory and East Asian History”

AHN_HOUSEIt’s always my pleasure to guest-post my good friend Dave Kang. Dave teaches at the University of Southern California, runs their Korean Studies Institute (the pic), and knows way more about the issues of this website than I ever will. So if you aren’t reading his work yet, you should be.

Good Survey of Students of International Relations: Please Complete if Relevant to You

IR majorsDaryl Morini, an IR PhD candidate at the University of Queensland whom I know, has put together an interesting global survey for undergraduate and graduate students of international relations. It looks pretty thorough and might make a pretty interesting student couter-point to the Teaching and Research in International Politics (TRIP) report on scholars’ attitudes.

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