Radio Show and Live Webcast This Sunday

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Yes, I’ll be talking about Korean gender issues on Busan e-FM’s “Let’s Talk Busan” show on Sunday evening again, this time with new host and also Koreabridge owner and manager Jeff Lebow.

David Carruth of 10 Magazine

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Discussion with 'assistant editor' David Carruth about Korea's popular English Magazine. Recorded at Busan Kotesol 

June 26, 2010


An open letter regarding 10 Magazine's video contest

Dear 10 Magazine:

I should start by saying you're a great magazine. The event calendar that makes up the latter half of every month's issue is a reminder of how many things are happening in this country. The articles are helpful, the advertisements attractive, and the monthly theme well-thought out. A sincere congratulations on your excellent product.

With that said, running contests on your website is not your forte.

10 Magazine video contest - time to vote for your favorites

The 10 Magazine Video Contest has begun - some are quite professionally done, while others are... a little more amateurish. From silly and corny to quiet and beautiful, there's a wide range of ways to promote Korean tourism. Go here to vote for up to three of your favorites, and vote a second time for your favorite of the three on the page. Voting is open to anyone across the world with an internet connection, and it's the readers who decide the final 10.

10 Magazine's video contest - enter by May 31st


Think you can do a better job promoting Korea than the KTO? Here's a chance to prove it and win a five-star hotel stay or a trip to Japan. Yes, I enjoy the irony as well, but that's a prize I know I'd enjoy if I won it. From the press release:

10 Magazine poll: And the winners are... with Alexa ranking goodness

With hat tips and congratulations, the 10 Magazine poll asking readers' favorite Korean blogs is over. With that goes an odd sort of voting - only one blog could be chosen as 'the best', and three blogs taking a majority of the vote. Considering there's 'over 300 English blogs on Korea' according to 10 Magazine (I read almost 100 of them myself), that's a bit surprising. There's nothing really at stake, and frankly I have no need to satiate my ego by a poll.

Taco Bell - an update

Just a quickie while working on another post.

Last night I read a rumor that Taco Bell was already open, which I doubted - but immediately wanted to confirm. Earlier today, I read the following on 10 Magazine's website:

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