Why do famous for whale in Ulsan??

Hi! :) 

I explain why the famous whale in Ulsan.

Since ancient times, the whales often haunted in Ulsan. So many whales caught.

Particularly Jangsengpo was the most famous.

For that reason, Jangsengpo offshore the whale's prey(anchovy, sardine, mackerel) is very abundant. 

However, the low population became too much whale catches. 

So, whale hunting was banned in 1986. 

Protect whales ever since.

In order to highlight the cultural values ​​and symbolism of the whale hunt since 1995, opened the festival.

also, Whale museum and whale Institute is located. 

Thus, the results with interested whales, In recent years, the population has increased again. 

Ulsan offshore whales are often seen. 

This whale is an animal that represents the Ulsan.


*Ulsan whale festival

The Calm after the Storm

The Calm after the Storm

This was the morning after the typhoon. The flood waters around the Taehwa river disappeared and things went back to normal.

Good car service garages in ULSAN?

I have bought a little Daewoo Lanos and would like to have a service carried out - also the coolant changed ( as it appears it only has water alone in there!).

Does anyone know a good place in Ulsan? I can always get a friend to write in Korean the above - I'm more interested in good work at a fair price.

Indeed, if anyone knows what kind of prices I should expect, that would help even more.

Thanks all!



Dance with SANBA

Dance with SANBA

Two school boys, taking advantage from the off day given by their school to play with the elements during SANBA Typhoon.

The kid was soaked by the wave but ended up safe and sound, except maybe for a cold later on ...

Taken in Kkotpawi, Ulsan.

Ulsan Old Downtown Outdoor Festival

Saturday, September 15, 2012 - 14:00

Anchor Kim is at it again! Friday, September 14th to Sunday, September 16th, Mr. Kim along with us and Benchwarmers and many other local businesses are giving summer the send-off it deserves, with and outdoor festival. Saturday starting at 2:30, right outside Royal Anchor (Shigaetop), there will be a Benchwarmers tent along with other local business tents selling a wide variety of things such as cocktails, beer, coffee, food, the WORKS! There will be live music from bands such as Stashed Potatoes, Karaoke Dokey, and D.J. Pete. There will be beautiful dancing girls doing their rendition of Gang Nam Style. The party will run into the night at which time Royal Anchor will be moving the party upstairs. Anchor Kim will be giving great specials on drinks and favorite local band Funk You will performing. Here at Benchwarmers we'll be giving away Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort shots and cocktails for 4,000. We'll also be showing the footy on out projector screen and surround sound.

Ulsan Worldwide Photowalk (Taehwa Gang Grand Park)

Saturday, October 13, 2012 - 16:30


Meeting Location & Time

, Ulsan, - South Korea

Time: 04:45pm - 08:00am 

Liberation Day Poker Tournament @ Benchwarmers

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 - 19:00



White Trash Bash at Ulsan Benchwarmers

Saturday, July 21, 2012 - 20:00


Info. required for Squash / Badminton Club in Ulsan

Hi guys,

Can someone please advise for sports club / places for playing squash / badminton in Ulsan?





Room for family in Ulsan

Hi all,

I'm about to move to Ulsan this winter with my husband. Anyone knows any room rented in Ulsan that is suitable for family? The one that is not too expensive (KRW 150,000-250,000), and located near the University of Ulsan.

Thanks a lot :)

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