Morgan Burton: Online English Teacher via Skype

Hello there!


Do you need someone to help you with your English? Looking for a friend who speaks perfect English and can teach you how to really speak? I am your man. Send me a message and we can connect via Skype. My rates are very reasonable. 

I will be happy to be your new English friend!


Korean Fashion Jewellery Online Store - Gung Jewellery


Inspired by minimalistic & modern contemporary, Gung reflects the essence of delicately-crafted fine accessories.

Miss Coral of Evolve English: Private English Native British Tutor !

Learn English !!!
Private 1-1 Tutor Available
Miss Coral of Evolve English offers personalised 1-1 private English language lessons for adults and children around the world.
Specialising in private education for adults and children that require extra support or self development via a native,passionate and specifically designed delivery of the English language.
Tutorials can be arranged via the following methods:
- Skype (or alternative video calling service)
- In Person (dependent on location)
Dedicated to delivering customised and quality language instruction at affordable prices.
Having privately tutored a wide variety of nationalities, with diverse syllabus requirements and individual goals, there is no request too demanding to accomplish!
For more information or to reques


WrdWrx is a game app designed for both teachers and learners in an ESL/EFL setting. 

During gameplay, players work as a team to give clues and guess words. Teams are rewarded for the speed at which they work and the difficulty of the words they choose.

Players are not required to have an extensive vocabulary, awareness of English idioms, or a great deal of cultural background knowledge. This makes WrdWrx an ideal game for any English language learner, and a must-have tool for every English language teacher.


Or find the game on the App Store English Services
Check out our English services! Haven't found what you were looking for? Contact us and we'll reply within 24 hours.   
PS: Proofreading and College Application Guidance are ON SALE right now and we have a new product, 5 CanadianDollar Question

KOREA // Motorcycle licence + Rental + Gear // information

Hello, I put together a video about how it was to do the motorcycle licence in South Korea last summer!  It's quite fast, cheap, easy and you get to enter the amazing world of motorbikes :-). 
 If you are interested to do it too, feel free to watch it and ask me any questions !! I hope this helps!!
Have fun!

Halloween cruise Bash 2017

Repeats every day until Tue Oct 24 2017 .
Saturday, October 28, 2017 - 18:00


DARAMJI, Your Personal Time Curator

DARAMJI • 다람지 • 多覽智 | Your Personal Time Curator connects you to the right people, place, and programs fitting to your tastes, interests and even your professional needs so that you can only focus on your mission during your stay in Korea.
Whether on holiday, business trip, or even relocating to Korea, our tailored services, which include itinerary planning, guide service, partnership, and bespoke experiences, will help you make the most of your time in Korea.

Saesidae Accounting Corporation (The K-solution)

"The K-solution is a brandname of Foreign Client Service Group(FCSG) at SAESIDAE Accounting Corporation."

SAESIDAE Accounting Corporation was incorporated in 2003 to provide professional tax and accounting services for small and medium-sized enterprises in Korea. SASIDAE currently employs over 80 professionals with at least 5 year experience at banks, securities companies, major accounting firms, and major multi-national companies. In early 2014, SASIDAE set up the Foreign Client Service Group (The K-solution) to fulfill the increasing needs of many foreign invested business entities in Korea for the affordable and reliable accounting and tax services.

외국계회사에 근무하시는 직장인들을 위한 실제 사연 상황의 이멜집을 첨부 파일로 판매 합니다

안녕하세요.  저는 프리랜서 외국계 회사에 다니는 직장인을 가르치는 영어 강사 Deborah (데보라) 정현정 이라고 합니다.
외국계 회사에서 일하시는 학생들의 실제 사연을 토대로 영어 이멜 모음집 파일을  제작했습니다. 모두 140개의 이멜들입니다.  외국 방문객 pick up요청, 예산보고서 제출 요청, 인사발령통보, 해외 출장 상환서, 뮤지컬 공연 티켓 지원 공지, 연말 정산 요청, 무역계통 주문 확인/지연  그 외 다양한 내용들을 이멜에 실었습니다  
내용 & 장점: 이멜 사연 140개, 어휘풀이/설명, 한글이멜을 영어식으로 어순고치기 (공부할때 가장 중요)
•책이 아닌 첨부 파일 형식이라 급하게 영어 이멜 쓰실때 스마트 폰에서 켑처하시거나 복사 & 붙이기 해서 쓰실수 있습니다
•본인 이멜 사연중 키워드를 한글 프로그램 찾기란에서 검색할수 있습니다 & 이멜 영작 때 보시면 됩니다
katalk ID:   JeongDeborah
email address:
첨부파일 가격: 3만 5천원 (결제 즉시 카톡이나 이멜로 보내드립니다)
첨부파일 구입 하실려면 위에 있는 저의 연락처로 your 이름과 your email address를 남기시면 됩니다.

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