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Please send us your RESUME with PHOTOS and answers for below questions by E-mail:

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* Preferred location :

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* Available starting date (teaching now or not) :

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* Visa State:

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* D.O.B:

We will arrange the interview right away when we find suitable job for you.

Please check the following information of positions below.


Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? : 
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Pitangui Lee Na Young Academy

Pitangui Lee Na Young Beauty Center has the best aesthetic facility 
and professional beauty academy system at the same time.
Total beauty services for all areas of beauty are available in one place,
from total care and aesthetic programs to semi-permanent makeup with the latest trends

Paragliding in Korea

Meet us near Seoul or Busan for a chance to go paragliding. We fly everyday, but this day (Saturday) is most popular.

Gowoonmahl (Learn Korean)

* Korean journal and pronunciation correction.

In Korean, write any subject you want, then record your voice clearly and loudly about what you have written. Afterwards, your entry will becorrected, and pronunciation will be corrected as well.


Any subjects are acceptable: When you want to say something in Korean in your daily life or at work, you can write them down. Or you can write your thoughts about a book, movie, TV dramas or news, as well.


If you are one of the following below, you can join:
Foreigners learning Korean
Immigrant Koreans and Second-generation Koreans
Self-taught students with unnatural accents and pronunciations
Foreigners married to Koreans
Foreigners who love K-POP, Korean dramas, and Korean culture


Cosmetic product and accessory

Cosmetic products and accessories shopping mall


We sell foreign cosmetics and accessories.

Every product has an English description.


It is the cheapest and most reliable shopping mall in Korea.

I lived in Vancouver and California, USA.

Think of me as a friend and drop by if you need anything.

The address of the shopping mall is


Thank you. Be happy always.



about the deadline for the tax refund of an expat



Can someone tell me until when an expat can claim his/her tax refund from a Korean private school in Korea?


How many years do we have before we claim a tax refund?




The Korea File: Summit Spring Brings DPRK, ROK, US and PRC to the Dialogue Table

Heesang Park: Free Insurance Consultation

Need Insurance?

But insurance terms written in Korean are too difficult?

If buying an insurance plan in Korea is stressful, we can help you out!

On behalf of Samsung Fire & Maritime Insurance Company, we offer a free consultation for those who are interested in buying an insurance plan.


Insurance coverage includes such as the following, but not limited to:

Tax Strategy / Risk Management / Financial Planning


Consultation on Tax Strategy includes:

Heritage, Year-end tax adjustments, Income tax deduction, VAT deduction, Aggregate taxation on finance income

Consultation on Risk Management includes:

Actual loss insurance(*), Cancer insurance, Fetus insurance, Child insurance, Property insurance, Vehicle insurance, Traveler insurance, Bicycle insurance, Group insurance, Retirement insurance

Consultation on Financial Planning includes:

Moon Jae-in, Diplomacy God: Peace Olympics Lead to Breakthrough

Listen to "Moon Jae-in, Diplomacy God: Peace Olympics Lead to Breakthrough" on Spreaker.


Steven Denney (Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto/Senior Editor at joins host Andre Goulet to discuss the diplomatic delegation's visit to Pyeongyang and how Korean nationalism and American obstructionism continue to clash in the wake of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games.

Korea Auction TSA

Korea Auction TSA specializes in helping individuals make timely, secure and favorable land investments throughout South Korea. We acquire land directly from bank pre-foreclosures/foreclosures and government auctions. Our land prices are the lowest in the industry. Furthermore, Korea Auction TSA performs comprehensive research and analysis (approximately two years) for each property before offering it to our clients.
Many people think that LAND investment is difficult and requires a lot of money but
that is not the case with Korea Auction TSA on your side and you can start investing with a small amount of money. Investing in land is one of the most safe and secure investments you can make.
Now is the best time to invest in S. Korean land. Do not miss out. Contact me immediately!

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