Did You Know: Most American Universities Now Accepting IELTS or TOEFL

As of  January 1, 2021 Most every American University admissions office are now accepting TOEFL or IELTS scores, most probably becuase of the COVID problem and Online Teaching allows them to expand their markets. Be sure not to pay full tuition and demand a discount if you do not get to attend in person. Typically 20% is the COVID online discount, but some schools have larger discounts and other most famous Universities have no discounts at all. Good luck and do your best to deal directly with the admissions office and avoid unregistered agents who may really be identity thieves.

Bike tours Busan

Are you crazy about biking in busan ? Would you like to join the manner rider campaign to get some gifts ? what do you think ? check out our website





Short term renting/house sitting anywhere in Korea

Hello everyone! This is Bhumi from Romania.My 2 friends and I we travelling in South Korea for the summer. We are currently in Seoul searching for a house/apartment in Busan or anywhere else in Korea. We are open to anything - house/pet sitting, rental. If you or someone you know can help us with any information, do let me know in a message here on facebook. I also use kakaotalk. Thanks for consideration


Cash Declaration Questions

Greetings...was wondering if anyone had experience declaring cash exceeding 10K USD upon arrival in Korea. Will be heading back there and was planning on carrying my housing deposit. Do they tax it or is just reporting for tracking purposes? Any help would be much appreciated.

여수출장안마 순천출장안마

Thank you.

English Driving Academy (busan)

May I know if anybody here knows where I can study driving in English? I have been asking driving academies but they dont teach in English. 
Thank you in advance for your help.

Busan Haeundae Beach is worth visiting?

Hello, everybody. I live in Seoul. I'm planning to go to Haeundae for this trip. So, I would like a famous food and a bar guide.

Please recommend it.^^


Canadian born Korean looking to immigrate to Korea. PLEASE HELP!

Hi All,

I'm finding the visa/immigration process very overwhelming right now. I was born in Canada to Korean parents. Lived here my whole life. I got married in Korea to my wife, who's a Korean citizen. I sponosored her to Canada after we got married. We've lived here in Canada for 9 years and are looking for a new advernture abroad in South Korea. She still holds her Korean passport. 

Anyways, I'm not sure if I have to apply for a visa first and then immigration or if I can apply for immigration directly from the start. If I have to apply for a visa first, which is best 1. F4 visa (Korean descendant) or F6 visa (through marriage). Also, what documentation do I need; birth certificate, Canadian citizenship, criminal background check etc. 

Also I speak Korean at about 60-65% level and we will be wiring over 100K CAD to Korea to meet some of the requirements for F6 visa. May rent initiallly or live with in laws in the beginning. 

Moving two items from Namdong to Songdo


Just transferred from Namdong to Songdo... moved most items but a table and small couch left behind... Anyone a cheap way to move these items?  Really desperate! thanks

Moroccan traveling to Korea

I have a Moroccan friend who wants to travel to Korea.  They were told by a friend that immigration will ask if they have a certain amount of money ($1000) before they can enter the country.  Have any Moroccan's or others experienced this? It seems like total BS to me. 

English Speaking Moving Company?

Hello ,

Anybody know the moving comopnay and they can specking english ? Me and my husband will move to Pyontaek, Thank you so much 

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