Moving two items from Namdong to Songdo


Just transferred from Namdong to Songdo... moved most items but a table and small couch left behind... Anyone a cheap way to move these items?  Really desperate! thanks

Moroccan traveling to Korea

I have a Moroccan friend who wants to travel to Korea.  They were told by a friend that immigration will ask if they have a certain amount of money ($1000) before they can enter the country.  Have any Moroccan's or others experienced this? It seems like total BS to me. 

English Speaking Moving Company?

Hello ,

Anybody know the moving comopnay and they can specking english ? Me and my husband will move to Pyontaek, Thank you so much 

PSY is coming to Boryeong Mud Festival!

Hello Everyone!

This is David and I live in Seoul right now.

I just saw an interesting post on Facebook..and just wanted to share with you guys!

PSY is coming to Boryeong Mud Festival and I can't wait!!!

You can find more information here  

Anybody wants to go with me?

Ferry from Busan to Jeju

Hey everyone,

First time poster here. Wondering if anyone has any idea of ferries to Busan from Jeju.

Are there any operating anymore or has that been discontinued?

If they are still around does anyone know the rough costs of them? 


Thanks in advance :).


Useful map application of PNU for foreigner in Busan

I know some of you guys often visit to the Pusan National University. Maybe someone already study there. first of all, sorry for write here. The reason i wrote here is i don't know where to post about this subject. 


I'm here to introduce the website(or android app) that could help you guys a lot. It is called 'pnumap' which you can use when you find certain building in PNU. it will show you a picture and the information of the building that you looking for. I believe it could be very useful for the foreign students who came to PNU recently. Thanks

Follow the link below to use PNUMAP.

Serentrip App :How do you travel around in Korea?

Hi, guys :)
I am Chatlotte, a Korean traveler.
How do you guys travel around your city in Korea?
As you know, there are many interesting cities in Korea.
Seoul, Busan, Gangneung, Daegu, Andong, Jecheon etc.
I made an an app for travelers, and it must be relly helpful for you.
Basically my app 'serentrip' is for finding nice trip buddy :)
Basic system of 'Serentrip' is like this :
write your travel plan simply,
app 'Serentrip' matches travelers having similar plan with you.
(already more than a MILLION matching succeeded)
But Serentrip is based on Korea,
and lots of Korean travelers using this app.
So if you have a plan to trip in Korea,
just download this app and get

Where can I buy Flight compression socks in Busan?

Has anyone found stores selling them here?

Travel: A Korean's Guide To America - Youtube channel

Check out my youtube channel with over 16 videos so far.

for my book

Travel: A Korean's Guide To America

This youtube channel has videos about cultural differences for Koreans who are planning on traveling or living in America.  

It also has interesting observations about American culture.  

It is great for your students who plan to study in America.   


Maximum 90 days stay

Dear All,

I am in Korea now and my friend from the Czech Republic is going to Korea for 90 day. He could be here for 90 days maximum. But after 90 days in Korea he is going to Taiwan or Japan. When he comes back after 1 week from Taiwan or Japan, could he be in Korea next 90 days?

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards,


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