Cosplay Contact Lenses: Where to buy online?

Hello readers.

I am currently living in Gimhae, working on my Youtube Channel: Vanquishing Fears. I need some coloured contacts, specifically Red, White and Orange (Werewolve style), and I'm having EXTREME difficulty finding a korean website. Sure, it would be easy to turn to EBAY but the shipping/delivery time is RIDICULOUS!!!! We're talking months!!

So, if it is at all possible, could anyone recommend a "Korean" Website that supplies Cosplay/Coloured contact lenses. Thank you so much.

PS I know there are a few shops (Closest being Haeundae-I live in Gimhae) but I don't want to travel that far with the Coronavirus.

Hope someone can help, very much appreciated!!

Take care and bye for now x


Decor Tell Fresh Tupperware/Wiltshire Knives


Arte these brands available in Korea or is there a Korean equivalent. Same for Wiltshire knives. Trying to decided if i need to get them posted to myself.

Thanks in advance.

Where can I buy big size shoes in Busan?

Where can I find big size shoes in Busan?  Every place I go only has up to Korean size 280, but I need size 300.  And I don't like the idea of buying shoes online.  I really need to try them on before I buy.  Thanks in advance.

Spending habits here?

I was wondering how much you might spend on Korean goods vs Imported. I was wondering where you shop for various items? Do you use Internet sites, shop or go directly to the source ie farmers market? I tend to buy Korean goods eg phones, cars and pcs. I feel buying Korean is important to me. I also believe in promoting Korean goods while I live and earn a living here is important. I think people have various opinions on this.


Hi does anyone know if 10TOPTEN shop has a website, last year i bought a great guns n roses tshirt , what offers do they have this year? am coming in May :)

Thai Shopping

Looking for a place to find Thai food and groceries in Busan. Anyone know of a good place?


Housing near UNIST ulsan

Dear Friends,

I am looking a single bedroom housing facility near Guyeong area. I am coming from india and I will be working as a Post dcotoral candidate in UNIST.



Looking for winter second hand clothing



thanks fo reading my post. I m an exchange student (f/24) at PNU till end of december. Cause my luggage weight was limited I didnt bring any warm/ heavy winter clothing. But because after my semester abroad I will fly to Thailand, there is no need to buy a new and expensive winter jacket and other warm cloth.


Therefore I was wondering if Busan offers any flea markets?

Or a website where girls sell their clothing?


Thank you so much for your help and any other advices.


Please help me!!!

Hi all, I try to search in so many website. I have a camera to sell. Does anyone know where to sell my camera? As I have 2 cameras and also I really need a cash at the moment. Looking forward for yoyr answer. Thank you so much!!!



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