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Beware the Rotten Apple seeking cash cow

There are a few rotten apples targeting and seeking refuge within Korea. They are using all kinds of websites to meet a foreigner, Korean or as they see it- cash cows.

Initially, they claim to be University students whilst first meeting the potential companion. They boast of great wealth and travel. The language exchange is one of their favorite options.

Then, a tragedy befalls them and the show begins.Within a short space of time, they claim their rich father, benefactors, the financial supporter has been killed in a car crash. Then, they play on the sympathies of the potential victim.

The User then claims they are pulling out of their course and need accommodation, in order to get a job, as they cannot commit to studies whilst feeling so bad. They ask for financial support or ask if they can move in with potential cash cow. 

How do I find mixed couple friends in Busan for relationship?


I'm Korean guy who married to American woman and we're looking to make friends that people are married like us.

Is there any group for mixed couple in facebook or other community?

Thank you

Looking for friends


I will stay in Busan for 1 month for seminar. I am Chinese Malaysian who seeks for friends who like to share pleasure moment together regardless of gender. Korean or other who can communciate in chinsese or english is welcomed. I wish to experience new things in here. Thanks

Looking for new members of international cultural exchange program!!

Hi guys
WE are ICEA( Interantional Cultural Exchange Association). This is a nonprofit volunteering organisation designed for both of Korean university students and the people from all over the world to have an opportunity to meet each other , share culture , and have big fun!
We are currently looking for new members who are friendly, have an open mind, and great responsibility!!

Dae Shin Dong

I am American born Korean and trying to locate the area I was born. I was told by parents that I was possible born in Dae Shing Dong in Pusan. So I am off to find out. If any of you have any information of the area. I would really appreciate it.

im looking for buddy

Hello guys. Im jake from southkorea.

 I stayed in austrailia during 2 years and come back here yesterday.

At that time, I got a great experiences and memories with my friends

I wanna extend kind of that life. I believe I can meet friends who awesome and fantastic

Do not hesitate. It is you!

Feel free to contact through

Thank you for your time

Gay and lesbian in Busan

Hi all, I was wondering what there is to do for gay and lesbian travellers in Busan? thanks for your tips, Simon

Travel buddy?

Hi guys,

I'm a Korean who's lived out in the UK for most of my life. I came to Busan fairly recently to stay for a couple of months before heading back. Currently working at a guesthouse so I'm filling my spare time by going sightseeing.

Trouble is, it's starting to get pretty boring travelling around by myself and seeing as it's not the peak season we're getting very few visitors here. So I was wondering if any other solo wonderers of Busan want to join up and go travelling around here together? I only work 20 hours a week so time isn't really an issue

Anyway let me know by replying on here and we'll get the ball rolling!




This is probably a super strange way to go about this, but I am sure (I hope) I'm not the first.

I am here from Toronto, Canada and my friends who've taught here before have assured me that after a while, I'd make friends organically. I don't know how long a while is but I've been teaching for about a month and I am having tough luck. I am 25 years old and I seem to be the youngest by a mile among my colleagues. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I need friends.

I like fun. I like fun sooooo much. I love jokes. I like laughter, drinking, board games, shopping, movies, hiking, whatever. I love all of it. I could even love stuff I don't know I love yet!

If there are any events or anything going on or anyone would like coffee or beer or whatever, I would like to make myself available! I am here with my boyfriend, and he is super, too.

Thanks for reading my pathetic(/endearing??) post!



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