Need Petsitter for 2 cats Aug 14-21st

Hi everyone! I'm moving to Korea and have an orientation during Aug 14-21st. I don't have an apartment set up yet and can't take my cats to orientation. Can soemone watch my cats at their place during those days? Payment is negotiable. Preferably near Busan, but any city along the KTX is fine.

Pet sit 2 cats


My normal pet sitter can't sit for me. Anyone know of a good sitter or someone who will watch them at my apartment ? Need someone for this friday, I live in Haeundae. 


Looking for the Vets

Somebody know where is the Vet for my dog  and their can speck English ? 

Recommendations: Foreigner-Friendly Realtors in Busan

Hi Everyone,

Sorry if this is a repeated question or topic, but I can't seem to find this information anywhere/everything seems to be out-of-date. I'm applying to a Korean language program at PKNU to start next Fall 2016 and am planning on moving with my dog, thus I can't stay in the dorms. Can anyone offer any recommendations for realtors in Busan who are good at placing foreigners?

I'd also really appreciate anyone's personal experience of finding an apartment that is dog-friendly. I read a lot that the main concern is that the pet is clean and doesn't bark, but that information doesn't really help me determine if I'll be able to find a place once I'm there next year... So again please any help is truly appreciated.

Thank you!

Pet scorpion

I had a pet scorpion in college and it was great. I'd like to buy one here in Korea, or have one shipped. They're common in most of Asia, but sadly, not native to South Korea. 


Does anyone know of a pet shop in Busan that sells them or maybe the name of a breeder?

Rabbit needs home

I have a pet rabbit that needs a loving home. I bought the rabbit at home plus, and [s]he has lived with me since. It's a typical rabbit with the typical rabbit ways, and needs someone who understands and respects that. The rabbit has not been spayed or nuetered. If this is a requirement, then I will take the rabbit to the vet and see what I can do. It's name is Bunnard von Sniffenberg. I have not had its sex confirmed by a vet because I love Bunnard no matter what the sex or gender display. Anyway, if that is neccessary to know, then I will take Bunnard to a vet. 

import cats from China

I would like to bring my cats from China into Korea. Does anyone have experience with that? 

Please Help: Short Survey on'Social Recognition of Abandoned dogs'

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I'm a member of 'Jedori', a research team in DFLHS(DAEWON FOREIGN LANGUAGE HIGH SCHOOL) that advocates animal rights and their freedom.

While we were writing a report about 'Social recognition of Abandoned dogs',

we found out that our research paper would turn out better if we ask these survey

questions to the foreigners and compare the results with Korean, so that we can

learn from them.

I tried my best to find foreigners by person to person, but it's really hard to find them

in Korea. And that's why I'm posting this survey in this page.

There are 15 questions in total.

It might take a few seconds to go over the survey.

Again, sorry to bother you but I really appreciate your interest, and I believe your

help would our research more complete.

Thank you very much.

My cat has been stranded by her vet.

Hi.  My husband and I are responsible pet owners.  Planning well in advance, we booked a spot for our cat at a vet, who advertises on here, two months ago.  Well, today, a week before Chuseok, when we were to go away, she sent an email cancelling the booking.  This is inconsiderate and unprofessional.  We can't cancel our flights or hotel now and hope to get a refund back.  So we are stuck.

we decided to shorten our trip and leave our cat at home.  Lack of response and the consideration that it is too much to ask someone on short notice to look after our cat.

Thanks for your response. We did use this vet for several years. We trusted her. But now we will be looking for alternatives for the future.

Where can I find a good animal shelter? Kitty still needs a home!!

Hey everyone. I've been holding on to the hope that this ad that I've posted: will help me to find a good home for this sweet little kitty. Alas, it would seem that most people don't want the responsibility. I'm crushed that Taiwan's animal import laws make it impossible for us to take her. I have three weeks, and counting, to find her a good home. If I don't, I'm wondering what my alternatives are. I remember reading about a shelter that does not put animals to sleep. That they run on donations and volunteer work and they do their absolute best that every single animal gets a home. Can anyone contact me with the info to a good animal shelter?

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