Play Schools/Daycare Center around PNU Main campus

Hi Everyone,

I am a foreigner working in PNU, Busan main campus. I am planning to put my daughter into a daycare center next year around this time. She will be completing 3yrs by that time. I am mainly looking for a daycare center where the staffs can communicate with little English (at least) and also which has a few foreigner kids so that my baby girl will get some company. I heard that we need to apply 1 year before the admission period for some popular playschools. I know there is a daycare center available in PNU campus itself. So Apart from that is there any better options available around the PNU area? Please give your valuable suggestions.

English Chess School starting in March at Busan Global Village

There is a new English Chess Club/Chess School Starting in Seomyon this March. 

Instruction will be in English, but all nationalites of students are invited. 

Grades 1 -12                 Tuesday - Sauturday Schedules  

Ex-pat parents who want their kids to learn how to play chess,

or Korean parents who want their kids to practice English while learning chess. 

I'm the teacher. I have been a Chicago High School Physics teacher and chess coach. 

I'm trying to establish a chess scene here in South Korea.

I hope you join. It's going to be totally awesome.




New mom looking for new apartment

Hello. I am a new mom moving to Busan with a 2 month old in March. I'd like to live somewhere with a park I can take the stroller out to everyday without having to hop on the subway. Any suggestions for the best neighborhoods? My work is in Gangseo so I'm thinking Haeundae is too far to live. I'm hoping for a small two bedroom apartment. 


Cheap international school in Busan

Does anyone know where the cheap international school is near Dayon dong? I want to enroll my 7 year old daughter in elementary school.....Ive heard about it through the grapevine ...but dont know the location or tuition... Thanks anyone for your help!

Join a year long Project : From seeds to sauce

From Seed to Sauce: The 콩 Project 
콩 means soy in Korean. Soy Sauce (간장) and soy paste (된장) are foundational to Korean cuisine. Join Gachi CSA for a year long project and learn step by step the process of turning a soy bean seed into fermented soy sauce and paste. A small group of people - around 10 - will be given land at Hansol farm where they will first plant the soy bean seedlings. After planting, one time per month the group will return to the farm to manage their collective crop with weeding and trimming to open up space for the growing beans. In addition to taking care of the crop they will share a lunch and enjoy the farm. In the Fall, around October, the group will harvest the beans. After harvesting they will learn the process of turning the beans into soy sauce and paste. In the end each person will take home roughly one kilogram of soy paste (된장), 500 grams of red pepper bean paste (고추장), and 300 grams of soy sauce (간장).

Looking for playgroup in Gyeonggi

Hello. I am looking for a play mate or mom and baby group for my 16 months old son. I moved from Busan and I joined a mom and baby group there and had a great fun.

I live in Paju but I can drive to Ilsan or other parts of Gyeonggi area. If you have little ones who need playmate plz e mail me. Thank you.

[ADVICE] Mixed family with kids - Korean Name vs Latin American Name

Hello and Greetings.

I am a Mexican National (man) who Married a Korean 8 years ago, we met in Montreal, CA, and we got married in Mexico and lived there for around 7 years.

We have 2 kids, all born in Mexico, a boy and a girl. As you may now, in Latin America the women don't change their last name when they get Married, and the kids have both last names of the parents.

Example: Name - Middle Name -Dad's Last Name and Mother's Last Name. (That is the regural way of naming)

We have come to korea regulary for vacations so the kids and my wife spend time with my inlaws (Usually she stays alone with the kids for 2 months, while I have to go back because of my job)

In one of those trips, she decided to Nationalize the kids in Korea.

English speaking pediatrician in Nampo Dong/Busan station area?

Hello!does anyone know of an english speaking pediatrician around the Nampo  Dong / busan station area?

Many thanks in advance.


Foreigner Community Centre???

Dear all,

I have been living in Namcheon and Gwangan beach area for 6 month, and yet I still don't know where the foreigner community centre in this area is?

I want to know because I heard that we can consult about living, activities and parenting to community centre in English.


best wishes

New ~Affordable~ International School

I'm looking to start a foreign school/study program for K-12 students who are discouraged from attending international schools because of the high cost. Whereas most of the international schools have an average tuition of $25,000 payable all at once, this program would charge around $1,000 per month, payable monthly. 
I'm looking to start in January.

School would be based on American-Canadian models, with an advanced but fun curriculum.

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