I am looking for a delicious pork roast house

I am looking for a delicious pork roast house in Jeju Island.
please recommend.

Thanksgiving Turkey ?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone . Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America , I was wondering if any places will be offering a turkey menu , A few years ago Seamons Club behind  Busan Station offered a great Turkey Day Buffet ,  Perhaps for Christmas    its a better chance to have a turkey meal , Thanksgiving is just in America tomorrow , ,. On the bases they will have awesome turkey meals , But I am not military so I could not enter i think  Costco does sell turkey but I do not have an oven   or know how to cook turkey ,  I guess i will eat chicken   lol       

Korean recipe videos and blog

I've been brushing up on my video and web skills ahead of moving back home. I've started a recipe site and have produced a few videos on Korean cooking.


Yori, Hey!

YouTube - yoriheycooking


Thought I'd post here if anyone wants to cook Korean dishes at home. Would be nice to get some feedback. :)



MBC filing at Yangsanjip! Free gookbab! [Busan]

Hey guys,
Yangsanjip(양산집) is a pork broth soup(돼지국밥) restaurant in Jung-gu, Busan. It has has been run by and passed down to one of my family members or another for over 50 years.
On Monday and Tuesday, MBC is doing a feature about the restaurant and 'dwejigookbab' at Yangsanjip. If we had a few foreigners willing to answer a few questions on camera about what you thought of the food, it would really help us out. Of course, your meal would be on us.
The shooting will be during lunch and dinner hours on Monday, June 13 and lunch hours on Tuesday, June 14.

How to order Mc/Pizzahut/etc to your door in Korea

Hello Everyone

Just quick Reminder for you who tired to cook or go out to eat.

There is a service that help ordering Food to your door including

Mcdonalds,Dominos,Pizzahut,MrPizza,NeneChicken,All korean foods, chinese foods Etc

They recieve your Address in English and call to the restaurant and order your food.

You can pay either cash or Card for the actual Food price to the delivery guy

and they charge you 3000 krw.

This service is nationwide so someone who currently in some country side also can use.

The website is

Enjoy :)

Christmas Turkey ?

I was wondering if any places were planning a Christmas Turkey event , This year I didn't hear any news a Thanksgiving Turkey event so I wonder if any place like Seaman s Club or others will offer a Christmas Turkey Dinner or a Turkey plate , I know some hotels do offer it but its rather pricey , 

We Deliver healthy Fresh Vegetables, Right to Your Door:Gachi CSA

Hi Community!

Have you heard of "Gachi CSA" right here in Korea?
Gachi CSA delivers fresh, local, organic & eco friendly food baskets to happy members' doors every week.  For those who aren't yet aware, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a farmer-direct-to-consumer system which gets people connected to the food they eat.  It is a mutually supportive relationship between producers and consumers where everyone benefits.
At Gachi CSA, we aim to provide the best CSA experience possible for both our local Korean and foreigner communities.  We offer "vegan baskets" and awesome "vegan bread"! <3

We hope you find our products a great resource for you kitchen and the farmers appreciate your support.

For more information or to order please go to:

Elixir Pub & Dining (Itaewon, Seoul)

Elixir Pub & Dining (Itaewon, Seoul)

Elixir Pub & Dining, located in the heart of Itaewon, features an outstanding “new american” menu with influences from France and Korea. In an upscale and upbeat atmosphere we offer specialty fusion dishes that can not be found anywhere else in Korea. With access to fresh organic produces and herbs we will be constantly changing and adding seasonal specials. Bringing new concepts and flavours to the table. We also offer a classic bar menu all night! 

We are open for dinner everyday but Monday! Friday and Saturday our hours are extended plus we have Live DJing until the early hours of the morning! With a big spacious dinning lounge that seats around 100 people we also host parties and private events! 

The Brazen Gourmand - South Korea

I recently launched a new website and social media entity called The Brazen Gourmand for the "culinarily curious." I have been living in South Korea for a year and a half and documenting my food-related adventures. Please check it out and share your ideas/recommendations with us CHEERS!


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