TV series with Korean Subtitles.

This may have been talked about already. I'm currently dong English camp for my students and our theme is Avatar: The Last Airbender. I've been trying to find ways of getting the series with Korean Subtitles, but it's been very difficult to find any. 

I've asked around with no luck and I thought that I could ask on KoreaBridge. 

Thank you so much~

Subtitles for the Korean film Yeon-ae-dam

Hi everyone,

I've been searching subtitles on internet for the film "Our love story" (Yeon-ae-dam, 2016), directed by Hyun-ju Lee, and haven't found any. I'm fond of Korean cinema and specially young Korean directors and this film seems to be a very good one to me; the film was shown in the San Sebastian film festival (Spain), and it quite pleased the public. If only I could have seen it there.

I don't understand Korean and it's a shame to watch it without subtitles because I realize the dialogues are good and full of meaning, though I don't understand a word.

Could anyone provide any subtitles in either Spanish, English, French, Portuguese or Italian? I would really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot in advance!






Theater to watch Korean movies with English subtitles

If you are looking for a theater to watch new Korean movies with English subtitles, visit the KoBiz website.
You can see the film currently being screened with English subtitles and theater information for watching the film with subtitles.
In addition to this information, you can see the latest news of Korean films from the NEWS & REPORTS menu as well as the extensive Korean film database.
If you would like to receive news about Korean films once a week via email, please subscribe to the newsletter below.
I hope it will be good information for those who love Korean films. :)

1970s war films tribute


I'm just a cinema fan from Poland and I have absolutely no idea if what I'm about to post here suits the profile of this site, but, please, allow me to carry on.

Well, I've taken great pleasure in collecting war films made in the oh so democratic South Korea of the 1970s. Here are 2 quick music videos I have made to pay a half-ironic tribute to their magnificence.

1. Im Kwon-taek's 1974 "Testimony" form a German DVD.

2. Seol Tae-ho's 1977 "The Last Days of Mt Dosol".from a French VHS.




Going to the movies in Korea - lost in translation?

hello everyone :)

I have a question. Yesterday I went to watch the new star trek movie with some friends (I thought it was awesome btw) and there were some pretty funny scenes but I noticed that we were pretty much the only ones laughing every now and then. 

It just got me wondering... is this a cultural thing or was there something lost in translation(subtitles)?? 

a few weeks back, i watched iron man3 and people were either laughing before or after us (even at random times)

It is extremely awkward when you can hear yourself cracking up and everyone else is dead silent...

has anyone else noticed this before?


or have I finally lost touch with the world.... 

Where can I watch Wreck-it Ralph in Busan? (not dubbed)

I've been dying to watch to this movie but all the theaters around Haeundae only show the dubbed version...

help anyone?


Wedding Videograher and/or Phorographer Needed (Seoul)

I am currently searching for a potential hire for my upcoming wedding in Korea this December. I'm an American living and teaching in Seoul, and my fiancé is ethnically Korean, but raised internationally. We met in the states ad began dating about 4 years ago.

return airfare

I am from Australia. I got a job at a hagwon. Worked there for 3 years without missing a day or being late or complaining about anything. I'll be leaving in May. I asked the boss about my return fare to Australia and I wanted in cash. He said Ok. It'll be about 1,200,000 won. That's what I originally paid to get here. He goes to to his office and checks the online air agencies. He calls me to his office and says the return flight will be 407,000 won total and that's what he will give me. He even showed the travel agency and the prices. After giving this hagwon 3 years of faithful service he decides to cheat me out of my fare. Can he do that? .

ANOTHER REMINDER: 'The Tree of Life' is amazing, so see it now!

Film blogger Jacob Worrel has been eagerly anticipating the release of Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life in South Korea, outside of it's screenings at this year's Busan International Film Festival.  The film is now playing at most major theater chains.  In case you missed his most recent blog post, I'm here again to plug that for him.

Buying PIFF / BIFF Tickets

For those planning to buy PIFF tickets online this week it seems that registering your ARC number with doesn't work. However you can buy tickets if you click on the 'non native ticketing' link and enter your passport number this does work.

I found out to my cost tonight when trying to get tickets for the opening and closing. Although you can create an account at Daum with your ARC, it will not allow you to buy tickets for PIFF. For some reason it's viewing foreign IDs as children under 14!

As said though the passport method does work.

Here is the direct link

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Official Site
Koreabridge BIFF Info Page
Busan Haps BIFF Page

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