Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival

Just as a heads up the Cheongdo bullfighting festival runs from next Wednesday to Sunday.

Worth a trip if you haven't been.

And it's bulls vs bulls.

Korean website here


Nice Job on the makeover.


    I think you've given this site a makeover. Would I be wrong? Looks good man.Well done.

Riot in Vancouver

I have a question about this accident as the post name.

I know that there are lots of Canadian here in Korea. Can I get some information and opinions about this situation without any hesitation? As a normal Korean it was so shocking and disappointed by those.

Thanks for your opinion in advance.

(Not a normal opinion, such as Canadian are human being same as another nation people. I expect that real reasons, Please.)

English Salsa Lessons In Busan

Hello everyone, I am part of a fun Salsa Club in Kyungsung. Our beginner classes just started, If you are tired of the bars and want to try something new, come check us out, it's  a lot of fun.

for more info check out:

Magic the Gathering in Busan

Hi All,

This is a repost but I am hoping to get some new people who might be interested.

We have a Magic the Gathering group which meets up regularly here in Busan. If you are interested, please send me a message or email. We are very friendly and know how to get more cards.

We also don't mind those just wanting to play cube drafts with us!

Thanks all!!!


From my event:

Open Mic Stand-up places in Busan?

Hi all,

I've got an idea in my head to try stand-up comedy.  I'm wondering if anyone knows of places in Busan to where I could do an open-mic attempt?


What's going on for the Lunar New Year?

I'm looking for something to do during my days off for Seollal. Any suggestions? 

Kids Land Bexco

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Lunar New Year Events

I'll be sticking around Busan for Lunar New Year and was wondering if there will be any events around the city to celebrate, such as parades,  performances, etc.  If anyone knows of anything in the area please let me know!

summer photography contest 2010

Can you explain me the process of "approval by moderator"in this photography contest of summer 2010. I am an Indian student studying in Busan. I would like to participate in this photography contest as I am very much interested in photography & I think I have lot of stuff to show you guys but I am bit confused about this approval thing. This is why I haven't uploaded any of my photo till now, I just made an account on koreabridge.. hope to have an urgent response so that i can post my pics soon..!!!

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