A Korean's Perspective and Advice to Teachers

Hey guys!

I've recently talked with Luke Kim about teaching in South Korea. We talk about a ton of topics including:

- Teaching in Korea

- Adjusting to life there

- Teaching Adults

- Making more money


I'd love to hear the group's opinions and ideas.


Public school jobs ending next year?

I have been hearing rumors amongst some foreigners about their concerns over being renewed, and the schools' program being replaced by After School? Anybody know about this? With a new government in place, are the priorities going to change? More jobs for Korean English teachers perhaps?

ESL Training on Pronunciation

I teach many Korean students and work with many ESL teachers. I know that sometimes the most difficult thing can be speaking and pronunciation. That's why I developed this short mini-training on Word Stress pronunciation. I would love for you to take this course, improve your speaking and/or teaching of speaking. Please tell me what you think. Thank you so much :)

MA TESOL Pukyeong Natl. University- Did you like it here?


 Hello Teachers!

        I will study at Pukyeong National University for the MA TESOL degree and I want you to recall your experience as a student there. 

   Was the program helpful? Is it a legit Master's degree? And give me some advice you would like to pass on to a new student like me there. 

Is the accreditation recognized in the USA? This website indicates it is-


  Thank you,


English tutoring online legal?

What's the legal situation regarding online English tutoring? I know one on one tutoring without a permit is illegal, and that those permits are not granted to many visa types but how would those laws translate to an online business?
For example, if I, a British citizen, used one of the many online tutoring platforms to tutor a Spanish student over Skype while living in the UK, it would be legal provided I declared my income and paid tax.
If I then moved to Korea, what laws govern this relationship? I'm still British, the student is still Spanish and the Platform may be based in the US. Do I need to declare and pay tax on this income to the Korean Govt? And can the restrictions on tutoring without a permit still apply?
Now say for example that the student I found on this platform was a Korean Citizen. Is this now illegal because both I and the student are resident in Korea?



Can anyone recommend a good math book for kindergarten students? My school is looking for something that would last a year. 


Close from Hongdae Station [women-only share house]

Close from Hongdae Station [women-only share house]

I am looking for tenants in the Im House.

Transportation: Hongik University Station Exit 3 1-minute walk 

Surrounding facilities: convenience store 1 minute walk / park walk 5 seconds / pharmacy walk 2 minutes 


Free wifi, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, electric cooker, hot and cold water purifier, microwave, vacuum cleaner, bed,

Washing clothes, dining table, chairs, tableware, kitchen tools, bedding set, and public spaces free cleaning once a month


Triple Room: deposit 800,000 won / month300,000 won★ Single Room: deposit 800,000 won / month 490,000 won

Learning english can be fun!

I want to come to korea to have a career as a courier, careering along the roads carrying my cargo on my bike.

This sentence highlights the difficulty of the english language, words that sound the same with different meanings. Anyone interested in improving their english feel free to contact me :)

MA TEFL in Korea at IGSE. 50% Scholarship

The International Graduate School of English (IGSE) is about to begin its admissions process for the Autumn 2016 semester. All students will receive a 50% scholarship. The two MA programmes available are MA TEFL & MA English Materials Development. Here's some more information regarding the admissions process and curriculum:

CELTA in Korea

Hi everyone, just want to let you know that the application period for the CELTA programme in IGSE, Seoul opening soon. They run on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to get in eary. Find out everything you need here http://www.weteachkorea.com/celta-in-korea-can-you-do-it/

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