English Speaking Dermatologist?

I am looking for dermatologist who can speak english. The treatment that i am planning to have is to lessen if not eliminate the scars on my face due to pimples...for a reasonable price. :)
I'm living in Jangnim, Busan.
Thank you in advance for those who will share.

looking for teeth whitening in busan


I'm looking for a place to get my teeth whitened near nampo in Busan. A dentist that speaks English would be preferred. Also one that is less than 600 because so far I've been quoted that price. Any real help is welcome thank you very much! 


Need to shave this beard

Hey guys,

Been in Busan about a month and its time I shaved my face.

All I can find though are razorblades and my beard is too long to use those without using a beard trimmer or hair clipper first.

Any idea on where I can get either of those? I have been checking homeplus and megamart but they don't have any.

African American Type Hair

Do you have kinky type hair and is looking for perms but not able to find for your specific hair type in korea. Look no further... just send me a message and I will be more than happy to help facilitate  you in finding the right perm for your hair type.

Not because you are in korea it means it is impossible.

Also if you need a quick braid... feel free to send me a message.

********females only*********

Where can I find laser hair removal in Cheongju?

Has anyone done some laser hair removal in Cheongju at a reasonable price? And can you please tell me where it's located. Any phone numbers/email addresses  or websites will be helpful.

wart removal

I have a small wart on my hand and was wondering where to go to get it removed. Should I go to a skin care clinic or just to the hospital?

Where do I get Magic Straight?



I'm looking into getting Magic Straight.   Can anyone recommened a good place to go in Busan?  Preferably it would be around Seoymeon as thats where I live, but really anywhere would do.  Thanks!



Who can do Cornrows?

Can anyone in Busan do Cornrows? A korean friend of mine says she wants them but the salons in Korea charge about 300,000 won. I thought maybe some expats might be able to offer something significantly cheaper :) Emails are appreciated. :)

At-Home Hair Kits

Has anyone ever used boxed hair dye in Korea? 

I've heard its really hard on Western hair. I normally wouldn't use it, but I just want to get my hair back to its natural color, plus the three times I've gotten my hair done here has been terrible. 

Magic Straight

I'm looking for suggestions on a place in Busan that does a good job on Magic Straight (hair straightening process).  I've had bad luck with people messing up my hair here in the past so I'd like a first-hand suggestion for this process.  Thanks!

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