help ~! Looking for beauty salon in Incheon

Recommend Incheon Beauty Salon !!



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Professional Eyebrow Tinting in Busan?

I'm looking for a professional beauty salon in Busan where I can have my brows tinted and plucked, maybe even get some waxing done.

Generally, the things I don't want to risk a DIY hack job with.

I want it to last at least 4 weeks. I have the tinted gel. It terrifies me. I want the old-school stuff. My previous tint-job lasted four months.

Any suggestions? Contact details or an address for such a place would be super-helpful!

Mole removal

Hello. I am looking for a decent dermatologist that can remove moles. Does not need to be able to speak English. I live near the Nampo area, but can travel.


I know there are a ton of dermatologists around, but was wondering if there’s a place where people can recommend. Thanks.

Eyebrow Microblading in Korea?

Does anyone know of a good place to get eyebrows microbladed in Busan or Seoul? Thanks! 

Do you want to straight your hair?


Anyone want to straight your hair??

Actually I`m looking for someone has real curlyhair and want to straighthair.

I`m ganna contact hairshop nearby your place first

and will straight.

This is all free. but I will take some photos and videos (process of hair clinic)

If you're interesed in send me a e-mail with your photos of your hair status

Thank you. Have a nice day:)

Hair Salon in Busan?


I know this topic has been posted a lot in the past but I haven't seen anything since like, 2010, at least not that comes up in a Google search. So, my question is for the Western ladies out there: Where do you get your haircut in Busan? I went once and I really didn't like what they did to my hair. I have very short hair so it's already difficult to get a good cut back home as it is... 

I tried to get in contact with "The Hair" guy but couldn't, the lady who used to run Soo Casa or whatever is no longer in business. So, in 2017 what are my options?



Thank you!


Waxing In Busan


I am in search of a place that does waxing - face preferably. I have looked far and wide for something, I may have found one place but not 100% sure they do face waxing. Many places only bikini / brazilian! Help!!! 

Thanks :D

Busan: Nail Studio/Naildesign/Gel Nails

Hi Girls,

I'm a german girl (student) and just moved over to Busan (near Haeundae). I'm looking for a recommendable Nail Studio in Busan, because I'm looking forward to have Gel Nails again. If someone knows a good, affordable, english speaking studio, I would really appreciate if you can let me know where to go to.

Also I appreciate any contact details or homepage URL of studios.


Thanks so much!

Head and shoulders shampoo

Strange one this i have been looking round in Busan for a small bottle of head and shoulders yet in emart lotte and home plus only the big bottle seem to exist and in 7eleven and CU no sign at all, rather odd i think! does anyone know where i can locate a small bottle of this shampoo? is it the same in Seoul?

Reliable and not too expensive skin clinic in Hadan, Sinpyeong Area

Hi, is there anyone who knows a good skin clinic around Hadan and Sinpyeong area? Need some IPL treatment to remove my annoying acne spots. I've tried to inquire from Kim's Skin Clinic in Centum before and told it's  ₩80,000 per treatment (needs about 10 sessions) Is the price ok? Maybe you guys know a better one. Thanks!

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