Budgie breeders

Is there any Budgie Breeders clubs or cage bird societies in South Korea? Or breeders close to Buan area?

Abandoned Dog Seeks New Home

This 3 year old Boston Terrier (female) named "Kongi" was dropped off at the vet's for some treatment. Then the owner decided he no longer wanted her. She is very sweet and affectionate, playful and energetic. I should add that she is not fixed yet.


If you are interested, please give me a call (010-3865-2900) or send me an email ( My name is Michael.


Thank you for reading.


Dog needs a loving home


My in-laws have a doggy that needs a loving home! If you live in Gyeongju or Busan and are interested email me at

Personally, my wife and I would have loved to take her in but we plan to move to the US sometime at the end of the year. 


Name: Gomi (곰이)

Age: 2.5~3 years

Breed: Mix

Sex: Female

Color: Mostly brown with mixed hues

Training: None, but she’s young and very willing to please! 

Personality: She’s a very friendly and lovable dog! She is super playful. She currently lives outside so she is not house trained but probably can easily become! 

Pictures of her are attached to this post. 

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