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Investing in land is the most safe and secure investment you can make.
No maintenance or attention needed. Low investment cost that can lead to an extremely high ROI.
Land investments in South Korea have delivered significantly high returns over the last thirty years and is still continuing.
The Year 2030 plan is to become one of the top economic powers in the world.
The Republic of Korea is the only developed country to be named to the Next Eleven and has a high potential of becoming one of the world's largest economies in the 21st century.
Currently, Samsung Electronics is the 15th largest public company in the world and the largest group in Korea.

IR Licensed Administrative Agent and Real Estate Agent


My name is Kijoon Hwang.

I'm a representive of IR which stands for Interactive Relationship and have overseas experience lived longer than 10 years including operation of my business.    

The office of IR is located at the newly constructed site near the Chunan-Asan KTX station and surrounded by a lot of apartments, shopping centers, and office buildings and besides many new residentials like officetel and commericals are scheduled to be constructed in the near future.

It's main categories are application or complaint to Government for immigration, administrative appeal for revocation or suspension of driver's license especially caused by drunk driving, and brokerage for rent or purchase/sales of real estate like housing. 

Please contact me anytime whenever you are easy to do with following phone number or e-mail address.

   - Phone: 010-3164-8564
​   - e-mail:

How to buy a house on a mortgage as a foreigner in Korea

Probably not many of you know that you can buy a house on a low interest mortgage in Korea. Here are general steps you need to go through to own property in Korea

1) Find a reliable, certified English-speaking realtor.

2) Mortgage loan available for a foreigner : around 55% of selling price at 3.6~4.4% interest rate/year.

3) Provide him with your budget and preference for location, house type and anticipated move-in date.

4) Pick some houses out of the realtor-provided list where you can see pictures of houses and their locations with prices.

5) Go together to see the selected houses in person for comparison and final decision.

6) Buy without mortgage : A fact confirmation certificate of your alien registration is required.

7) Buy with mortgage : Seal certificate, proof of employment and a receipt for income tax withholding are required.

Halla Real Estate in Haeundae, Busan


My name is HJ Shon, licenced real estate agent located in busasn, haeundae.

If you want to rent or buy property in Haeundae area, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I can help you to find suitable one based on your condition.

Please contact me if you have any question or information.


Best Regards,

HJ Shon,

Tel) 051-701-1500

Address) 280, Jwadongsunhwan-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan

Gunsan, Be honest! Real Estate

My name is Brendan Lee, Realtor in Gunsan. I specialize in rental properties, homes for rent and apartments for lease. I pride myself on always getting best deal for my clients.


GALAXY Real Estate

Hi! I am Ricky Choi, a certified realtor in Busan.

If you want to buy or rent property in Busan, especially in GwanAnri Beach area and KyungSung, Pukyung National University area, I can help you find a good one by providing pictures and general information first for you to pick out a couple of candidates and then we can go together to see the selected places for final decision.

I have already been doing this with some of Expats and it has worked fine so far.

So, please contact me at the information on the posted business card below for anything related to realty in Busan.

Best Regards,

Busan, Haewoondae Housing

We have variety of purchase located minutes from the beach in the seaside neighborhood of Haewoondae, Busan / RENT / SELL / BUYING / INVESTMENTS

No matter where you're we're Focused on you!

Contact us:

CATHY / 010-7253-6772



Busan Global Real Estate Agency in Busan

Hi guys 
We are  the official korea real estate agency 
Consulting has a full service real estate arm specializing in short term and long term furnished real estate in Busan, South Korea
If you are looking for nice accomodations, do not hesitate to contact us.
We would like to help you.
CEO : Dong Jun Lee.

Ko realtor Real Estate Agency Seoul

KoRealtor is a real estate agency in Seoul. We offers various types of propeties such as sharehouse, goshiwon, studios, apartments, guesthouses and houses for rentals

Remax -a reliable real estate broker in Busan and Kyungnam Province

Looking for studio type apartments or family house? 

We are close to you, being ready to show you varieties of houses from studios to luxury town houses. 

Remax has been No1 real estate broker in Canada and The US sice its establishment in 1950s, which has operations in over 90 countries and has around 90,000 agents worldwide.

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