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Philippines English Academy


We are an English language school in the Philippines. If you or your children want to study English, you can enroll in our online academy.

We offer free level test and book consultation. We offer :

*ESL class for children,

*TOEFL and IELTS classes and

*writing class

All you need to do is contact us through Kakaotalk id: jumphigh20. ​ Our Korean manager will answer all your questions. 

Experienced Online English Teacher At Your Service

Are you looking to improve your oral English? 

Say no more! because I offer intriguing and more practical classes on Cisco Webex Meetings an application like Skype. Whether you want to work on your general, business/workplace English or prepare for IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC examinations, I have just the perfect material to suit your learning needs. 

Classes are designed for adult students but teenagers are also welcome as some will be entering interantional high schools. 

The tuition is affordable.

If you are interested, please contact me on:

Skype: Jargon Land 

WeChat: Jargon_Land




Online Customized lessons

Aladdin education is :

100% online tutoring sessions,
You have access to the most knowledgeable tutors on demand
Lessons are customized based on your needs
Expert tutors from all across the U.S are here to help!

Connect with us for a free consultation at:

Tel/whatsapp : +1-865-tutor24


Or simply fill in the form on :


Experience and Dependable English Online Teacher/Female

1)Self - Introduction

Name: Gladys Kakaotalk ID: Gladys3189

Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PMI): 995-286-6688 Email:                 31 years old/Female/Filipino 

2)English Ability: Fluent with American Accent Self Introduction Video Link:  

Demo Class Video Link: 3)


See below

4)Teaching Levels: 7 years old to adult Teaching Method


b)Group of 2 students c)Group of 3 students (maximum)

5)Teaching Fee/hour: negotiable

6)Textbook & Curriculum: negotiable

English lessons (Online only)

I'm offering online English tutoring. I have worked as an English tutor for almost ten years now. I went to an American high school, have worked for a British language school and study Linguistics.
I mostly work with students age 12+ and adults. I help students to improve their grades and pass their exams. I help adults to improve their conversation and writing skills.
You should have some basic English skills. But if you can read this, you are fine.
I can teach via Skype or Zoom, but I prefer Zoom. If you prefer a different platform, let me know. The first lesson is always FREE. Afterwards, we can agree on a price, depending on your needs and the amount of lessons you take. 
You can pay via PayPal.
If you are interested, feel free to contact me.

Online IELTS tuition

I worked in Korea for 5 years as an English tutor and text editor, including translation checking for Samsung. I have a degree in AI and studied translation postgraduate. Recently I've been helping people pass IELTS with speaking and writing training. Prices are not expensive. Contact me and we can make a plan.

Your Exclusive English Teacher and Academic Tutor

Dear Prospective Student,

I am your Exclusive English Teacher/Tutor from the USA. I am committed to helping you learn as fast possible, and overcoming any obstacles in the meantime.

I am passionate, and eager to make the difference in your life! I am immediately available! 

Online English teacher

Online English teacher. The English lesson will be conducted via SNS like kakaotalk or Skype. This lesson will be held in order to improve the speaking of the student

Are you  looking for an English teacher to develop your confidence in speaking English? Never hesitate to  contact me. You can surely  develop your English conversational skills with me. 

For details information contact me 

Affordable online English Tutor

I have been an English teacher for 12 years and I would like to offer my service around the world. I finished Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in English.


I teach online for only $3 per 30 minutes using the following platforms only:

Online English tutor

Online English tutor
Hello! My name is Szymon. I would like to invite you to my online English lessons. Are you a student struggling with your homework? Would you like to have a better understanding of different aspects of English grammar?  Or maybe you just want to start having conversations in English? Get help from somebody who is really enthusiastic about learning and teaching languages. 
My qualifications 
TEFL certificate 
2 years of university education (English philology) 
Contact and booking 
You can book a lesson through my email ( - let me know when you would like to have your lesson and what kind of help you need. Your lesson is booked only if you receive a message confirming your booking.

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