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Canadian English Teacher ESL/TEFL/TESOL Training or Practice

Hi there, I'm offering to teach you English! I help improve your English, teach you new things and correct your English through conversation, articles, books & more! I also help you prepare for your TEFL/TESOL/ESL training!

My name is Mac, I have experience teaching Korean students aged anywhere from 8-50 years old. My background is business & Asian studies, so this is my business that you will help grow over time!

Master your English with the Experts at 7USD/hr only!

Who are we?

Anona.Co English:: Online English Lessons with Native Speakers

Anona.Co English: Teaching you English - at your own pace

Online English Tutor For Hire

Good day, Hope you are well.
I'am a English Tutor for Hire.
I offer all levels of advancement, General English and Business English courses. 
If you're a specialist in a particular area, we can mix General English and English for Specific Purposes together. 
If you'll be interested I offer Online Tutorial service for only $10 per hour.
So if you have motivation and are ready to start your linguistic growth, please send me a message.
We will assess your current level of English and start learning online! 
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you.


Skype ESL and Spanish classes

Hi, I am an ESL teacher that is now offering Skype ESL and Spanish conversation as well.  Send me a note through this post and I will reply soon.

Very inexpensive but highly effective language classes.

Thank You

ESL certified native english teacher


English Native proficiency,

Subjects, English.  ESL English as a second language

Need help learning English? I speak English with a British Neutral Accent and have lived in the UK all my life. I can help you improve your literacy skills? I would be happy to help you! Contact me and we can discuss your unique needs and create an individualized learning program for you to help you meet your goals.

First 35 Minutes free!

Message me any time.

Kakao ID:  vinceedd70

Skype ID:   live:3b6f4a5e1027ccf2


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English Online Lessons

SkypeEnglish-KR offers English online lessons.

Study with native speakers, European or Philippine tutors.

Improve the core skills for IELTS exams.

Please visit our website for more information. 

Highly skilled English /Science teacher 전문 영어 교사 ^^

My name is Alicia. I'm a native English speaker and have attended an top 100 American University. I've been tutoring English and science for 5 years. I am an online teacher. My students include university students and workers from SK Energy, Kogas, Merck, and Samsung. In addition, I currently have many students between the ages of 4-18 years old. My students enjoy my lessons and love having classes with me because I'm very lively and I make classes very engaging.
Many students learn English from a young age and have a hard time speaking English because larger companies do not teach English well. They teach students to memorize English or teach it very fast; this always fails.I teach every student's need different and can teach in many different styles. I have many different books, lesson plans, and materials depending on the level of English my student speaks.

Phone/Skype or Kakao English Teacher/Call Today!

Learn English in the comfort of your home or anywhere you want, I have been teaching English through the phone or chat program for a long time and have the ability to vastly improve your English.

I will be here in Korea for many years, let me help you to get your dream job, pratice English so you don't forget and any other reason. My students have stayed with me for more than one year because of my style and of course your dedication to learn.



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