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I worked in Korea for 5 years as an English tutor and text editor, including translation checking for Samsung. I have a degree in AI and studied translation postgraduate. Recently I've been helping people pass IELTS with speaking and writing training. Prices are not expensive. Contact me and we can make a plan.

Your Exclusive English Teacher and Academic Tutor

Dear Prospective Student,

I am your Exclusive English Teacher/Tutor from the USA. I am committed to helping you learn as fast possible, and overcoming any obstacles in the meantime.

I am passionate, and eager to make the difference in your life! I am immediately available! 

Online English teacher

Online English teacher. The English lesson will be conducted via SNS like kakaotalk or Skype. This lesson will be held in order to improve the speaking of the student

Are you  looking for an English teacher to develop your confidence in speaking English? Never hesitate to  contact me. You can surely  develop your English conversational skills with me. 

For details information contact me via email:


Affordable online English Tutor

I have been an English teacher for 12 years and I would like to offer my service around the world. I finished Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in English.


I teach online for only $3 per 30 minutes using the following platforms only:

Online English tutor

Online English tutor
Hello! My name is Szymon. I would like to invite you to my online English lessons. Are you a student struggling with your homework? Would you like to have a better understanding of different aspects of English grammar?  Or maybe you just want to start having conversations in English? Get help from somebody who is really enthusiastic about learning and teaching languages. 
My qualifications 
TEFL certificate 
2 years of university education (English philology) 
Contact and booking 
You can book a lesson through my email ( - let me know when you would like to have your lesson and what kind of help you need. Your lesson is booked only if you receive a message confirming your booking.

I will do your English homework/너의 영어 숙제를 도와줄것이다

유럽연합에서 C1레벨 증명서도 갔고 있어요. 초, 중, 고 수준 숙제를 할 수 있어요.
I have an official C1 certification recognized by the European Union. I will do any elementary, middle or high school homework assignment. 
2000원 per A4 page to my PayPal.
GailTheSnail ID로 카톡 연락해주세요.

Online English classes with a native speaking teacher

I am an English teacher from the United States. I have 5 years of experience teaching English, and I have a Master's degree in Teaching English. I also have a business background, and can teach you English for business. My classes are held online using a teleconferencing app. The classes are scheduled 7 days a week in the mornings, between the hours of 6:00AM and 12:00PM, Seoul time.

My classes are a combination of grammar lessons, pronunciation practice, and conversation practice. But we can use the class time to study any English topics that you want to study, and work on whatever you want to work on.

The classes are 1 hour and the price is $30 per class. You can pay through Paypal.

The first class is FREE (25 minutes) so you can see if you like it. Respond to this post to begin your classes now!

English Tutor For Adults in Skype 영어 교사

English Tutor For Adults, Business English or General English. 

Preparation for the IELTS or TOEFL exams

Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing

We can use your books or mine

skype: simply.julia

katalk: juliainspring

안녕하세요! 저는 영어 선생님입니다. 줄리아입니다. 

TOEFL(토플)과 IELTS(아이엘츠) 시험 준비 있습니다

영어의 듣기, 읽기, 쓰기, 말하기를 가르치고 있습니다

여기서 만날 수가 있습니다

스카이프 : simply.julia
카톡 : juliainspring


Learn English Now, FREE Trial Lesson With Certified English Teacher!

Do you want to learn English from the convenience of your home or office? 


Then join me, 'Teacher Blair' a certified English teacher from Canada in my online classroom via Verbling! Verbling provides a safe and easy to use platform that accepts credit cards to learn English.  




German classes with a private tutor on Skype

Private tutoring - You determine learning goals, pace, and focus of your private language lessons

Take German classes with a private tutor on Skype. It gets you better results, it’s more convenient, and more affordable than other ways to learn German. Learn 1-on-1 with your private German tutor whenever and wherever you want. Enjoy all the benefits of private tutoring.

I offer the wider spectrum of German Language courses. From absolute beginners (A1) to advanced learners (C2), this course provides a true immersion into the German language.

I have adopted a unique teaching approach that incorporates mindfulness as the core for learning. From your first German class right through to your advanced German C2 certification, my teaching style remains varied and motivating, with reading, writing, speaking and listening chapters based on real-life experiences and everyday conversations.

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